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If you could add a zero to the end of any number in your life (bank balance, life expectancy, etc...) what would you choose and why?

HippieChick58 9 Aug 18

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I wouldn't. Zero is nothing. Life has given me plenty of them, and I accepted them. There will be more, but they won't be added by me.


Everyone looking to add hundreds of years to their life better hope that they aren't convicted of a crime that carries a sentence of life without the possibility of parole. And presumably, you wouldn't even be able to kill yourself.


-50, so I could be a teenager again!


Hi Kristian,as there are about a billion galaxies in the Universe,and a galaxy can have up to 200 billion stars or planets,I would think even if our galaxy had only one planet with intelligent life form,there is a possibility that there could be 2 billion planets with life forms,and if the life forms had evolved over a similar time from to ours ie 4 billion years that is possible some could have intelligent life forms at human level more or less.


Definitely life expectancy. Death is an insult to our very existence. We live lives full of hopes, dreams, emotions, experiences, occurrences and memories - to me it is unfathomable and absolutely crushing that after all of the above, one day we just ceize to exist. The impossibility of escaping that end is frustrating to no end - it doesn't matter what you do, whom you love, how many kids have have, how much money you earn, how many people you save, etc, one day you're just gone. I would want to live for as long as I can


I could say house price - but then no one around here would be able to afford to buy it !


I have lived fairly long now and see no advantage to living an extended life, so bank balance it is. I'm not a particularly greedy person, but there are things I'd like to do and places I'd like to see. And I could accomplish more good in the world. This sounds self-serving and pedestrian, but it's how I think.


Yearly income post tax

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