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Why do people believe in reincarnation?

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Years ago I was discussing reincarnation with a friend. We had both just read a series of reports of children who had very specific knowledge of things that happened years before they were born and many miles away, in some cases thousands of miles.

He said, "I'm still not convinced."

I asked, "Well, then how do you explain all of these cases?"

He asked, "Don't you believe in Jung's theory of the Collective Unconscious?"


Why do people believe in any fantasy... it makes them feel good and not afraid to die.


Reincarnation, another unproven belief, is where philosophy and religion and quasi-science kind of meet. You can be officially not-religious and belief in reincarnation, and throw around words like 'energy' and 'consciousness' and it sounds kind of cool, but it is no more proven than heaven or the afterlife. Some people who are too big for 'ordinary' religions but still want to believe there is 'something' after death, tend to gravitate to this kind of thing.

One of my first experiences when I first went to Thailand decades ago, was when I asked a Thai Buddhist woman why they didn't care about the poor wretches you see on the streets, she said that they had bad karma and that was how reincarnation worked. I've never thought well of such concepts since.


I don't know but there sure are some interesting stories about it. Makes me scratch my head.


Because Einstein taught us that all matter is a form of energy, so since energy can neither be created nor destroyed, we have always existed and will always exist in some energy form. No reason to think energy souls don't exist, and quantum physics already tells us different dimensions exist.

"For physicists, the distinction between past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion." -Einstein


It's easier than believing in nothing.


Cuz it sounds better than being dead forever ?


I would say they are looking for a justification of existence.

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