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A Different Point if View?

Are there any books, shows or movies you view differently now you are an unbeliever in your past religion? If so what are the details of the point of view change?

For example, I used to like Douglas Adams on a purely british humour level but didn’t get the jokes as intended. Now that I’m an unbeliever “42” being the answer and they needed to work backward from it is suddenly so much more hilarious!

JDRay 5 Aug 19

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Wait, wasn’t “42” the answer to the meaning of life in Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy?

Yes. Replace 42 with god then listen to Christian apologetics. Working backwards from the answer.


Yeah..I stopped watching religious movies and reading religious books decades ago, before I finally decided I was agnostic. I thought they were simplistic, of poor quality, and proselytising.


I now have this picture in my head of a sewing group of blue haired little old ladies. With a stack of 78 records playing them backwards looking for the slightest hint of satanic verbiage to give reason to ban the songs.


A lot of music lyrics made more sense. Hated Whitney Houston but "greatest love of all" is a good meaningful song. "Starman" by Bowie another example.
Perhaps the best one is "Hallelujah" Len Cohan, the one the religious like. Brilliant! Classic payout.
Life of Brian is a favourite. Watch that with your new outlook

Yes! Life of Brian is my fave Christmas movie now.

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