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Hi! Thanks for words of welcome.

Long ago (before cell phones), I rented a car from a Ford dealership for a one week trip from Indiana to Florida via the Carolinas. Returned to find the Ford dealership "out of business" and locked up with no one present to sign in the returning rental. That and other "gee, that never happened before" experiences contributed to my "over thinking" in pursuit of "idiot proofing" situations and communicating clearly.

Much communication, research, and policy decision comes from examining elements of a subject out of context. Cause and effect can be interpreted differently depending upon perspective and context. I'm tempted to step back so far to include "big picture" context, that it can take too long getting to the individual point. Communication is a joy when basic framing concepts are understood by the participants.

Interesting how many different ways we can express very similar thoughts. And so many perspectives to consider. Image of elephant and blind men creeping into my conscious....

isaac 3 Jan 17

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I'd have just drove it home. What could anybody say, there was nobody there to return the car to. You couldn't keep it forever, no way to put tags on it, but you could have driven it for awhile for free. You weren't braking any laws.


Was it a fake rental place? Were you really driving around a stolen car?


LOL. What on earth did you do with that car? Communication ya>


I realize the illustration's intention was to back up your excellent point, but I have to ask: what did you end up doing with the car? 🙂

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