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Are you going to get clobbered on your taxes this year?

I'm nervous for the first time in my Retirement and saving for the tax man. its not a bad nervous, just a wondering nervous... does that make sense?

BucketlistBob 8 Jan 17

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I only file when I know that I am getting a return, otherwise I have a non taxable income.


every kids


No, our end of financial year is 30th of June, from 1st of April I make my tax how I want it, spend if necessary, pull future income forward if I have a low net for the year.


non-taxable income-don't have to file if retired and not working.

I got presents and bonuses and gifts. They show as income instead of a pension...ugh!

sorry to hear

@sassygirl3869 I screwed up and didn't ask. I took one of the most expensive gifts. It counts as income.... matter of fact.... all the gifts are counted as income.... I forgot. You know all those people that win gifts on game shows has to pay taxes on them. It's better to get money so you can have them take it out for you.

@BucketlistBob if you have loss to gains proof you can use that. Example I won 5,000 in the second chance lottery in California so all year I saved losing tickets so I can prove loss to win ratio.

@BucketlistBob Anything below 599 $ is not taxable.


I just filed and my return was less than what I paid in fees to file.

Next year will be even worse.


I think it's going to be a wash. But if Governor Chico here in NY cooks the books like he says, I might come out ahead.

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