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Part one stealing love

There he was. Tall dressed all in black like he was at a funeral. Eyes bright but cold and distant. Like he was haunted by a ghost. He was the feasting on every heart he saw . Bleeding woman of their love and leaving them a hollow loveless shells. Wondering around heartless. Never able to truly love another like they loved him.
He was a handsome devil , and evil to the core. Till he met a woman who already had no heart. And he sought out to fill that hole in her chest. He spent more money than he had on her till he was poor as dirt. He stopped caring about how he looked and did everything to help increase her beauty till he looked just as ugly on the outside as he did on the inside. The more he tried to win her heart that want even there the more he became the ugly monster he was inside. Soon he could stand it no longer. His looks his tireless efforts all for nothing. She did not budge. Her heart did not show.
On his darkest night when he realized what she had done to him he cried out heaven save me ......

To be continued.

Jswearingen92 5 Jan 17

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The woman in this story has a lot of pent up pain, but doesn't show it, and wants this man to hurt.

This is a revenge fantasy, and a darned good one. 🙂

Accally this is about my ex and the woman who got him hooked on hard core drugs. But thank you I love rewriting real life and turning it into something like this.


That is beautiful

Thank you


Revenge of the Heartless One?

Ink it was just what was on my mind.


Just the poet in me I would replace ghost I would change to (abortion) Eyes bright (Eyes a glow) Bleeding (thieving) Has a good premise.

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