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There are no problems. All problems exist in our mind. And thinking about the problem in your mind can never solve it. Only action can. Why stress? Why worry? If you can solve it sole it. If you can't forget about it.

TomIsWingChun 3 Jan 17

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I have never found willfully ignoring an issue resolved it.


"All problems exist in our mind." I will have to remember that the next time one of my servers reboots in the middle of the day, or better yet, have the helpdesk start using that to solve ticket requests, I'm sure my users will be elated to hear that the problem is all in their head. Although I can think of a few I have wanted to tell that to.

If problems only exist in our mind how can action solve them, I am unaware of any action I can take that can impact something that only exists in my mind.


Well, I think I might be confused! Bain functionality breaks down what we perceive. If I perceive that I have a problem, I will need to evaluate the evidence or lack thereof, surrounding what I perceive as a problem...wouldn't I? At what point will I know that I do/or don't, have a problem?


I don't think tangible problems can be solved by ignoring them. I've lost sleep (sometimes for months on end) and eventually found creative ways to fix them. Sometimes it takes SOOOO much thought! There are usually several solutions. If you don't put some thought into it, then you may not find any. It's too easy to give up so that you can free your mind. Maybe that's one of the reasons this world is so screwed up. I don't know...


So, if I have bone cancer, which I'd consider a significant problem, it's actually all in my head and I should simply not think about it?

Yea... I won't be coming to you for any advice.


good point

jeffy Level 7 Jan 17, 2018

Lol this is one of the reasons I don't smoke weed. But keep trying, man, solid philosophy isn't easy for most people. You'll get it

@IndySent lol! Two lost people wandering around in a fog of bong smoke? Students of chaos theory study this in hopes of answering life's deeper questions lol

I don't smoke at all sorry.


this is true but sometimes easier said than done

How is the statement that "There are no problems. All problems exist in our mind.", true?

There are a great many problems in our society that have real solutions and they are all real problems.

of course, the quickly expanding volatile human race is the problem of life on earth. you don't lock your door to keep your dogs indoors.


Not accurate. A problem exists when there are conflicts or obstacles to what we intend to do if It is reasoned action that solves problems -- with an emphasis on both reasoned and action. If our need or intent is vital enough, not solving the problem and simply forgetting about it is not an option.


If there was a problem yo I'll solve it
Check out the hook while my DJ revolves it

Thats cold!


Have you been watching The Matrix? There is no spoon.

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