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What one physical feature would you change about yourself?

My boss told me I have a perfect nose and is always envious. He does drag and went on about how much work it is to make it look prettier with contouring. He said its the one thing he'd change. What is one feature you'd change of you had a magic wand? (I'd get slightly bigger breasts)

pepperjones 8 Aug 22

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I'd make it smaller. šŸ™‚


I have always wanted a really long prehensile tail. Is that too much to ask for?

tails,in the right situation can be very useful,so no,definitely not too much to ask for at all

@goldenvalleyguy So unfair


I'd get rid of cancer. Working on that now.

Biggggg hugs!




I wouldn't change anything, I'm maybe not perfect in the idealised view of male "beauty" but I really like me as I am! šŸ˜€


My pancreas...... Yup, stupid diabetes will get me regardless.

I think they're coming up with a lot of new technology for this!

@SukiSue the day will come, stem cells to grow brand new ones and then have a replacement just like fixing a car. Unfortunately for the time being, we all are hostage of the drug companies. They don't want to heal their customers all at once and lose the business. Things will change but likely I will be long gone by then.... We deal with the cards we have, that's for sure.


My entire physical appearance. Pretty people have an easier life


Some type of tail will had be nice . Damn u evolution , y we lost our tails?? I won't mind a tail to hold my coffee into my mouth while typing at work or hand me a tool , to not mention hanging of it for fun , wave away bugs , or even punching someone with it while walking away . And if long enough and hairy enough could even wrap around self when cold ? Ok . Enough . I guess I won't change anything .

I have always thought having a tale would be cool. I would like to have one that is long and thick like a snow leopard. I am really talking about a tail here. Would be like a pillow so I could get comfortable and sleep anywhere.


That's a tough one, I'm just happy to be here.


My French nose, lol.

French nose is awesome. 20 million Frenchwomen can't be wrong.


I would turn off my heart to emotions

PaulD Level 5 Aug 22, 2018

My weight. Specifically my metabolism. I want to eat a large pizza and stay a size 6

Or my disability. But let's face it, in this society being thin and disabled is more acceptable than being fat and disabled

@pepperjones I've seen it though! 45 year olds that are never full but never gain a pound

I'd love to go back to having the metabolism of my 20's. But I'd also have to go back to being a hyperactive pharmavore...


Faster metabolism


Not a thing. I have accepted myself, appearance-wise, warts and all.


There's nothing wrong with you; your boss needs to stop being so shallow!


I'd like my hair back ?


Nothing. Amor Fati.

Before you jump to thinking I'm arrogant and there aren't things I would change or am changing at least some, I am. But I am as I exactly am right now. It is all I have and it is my duty to make the most of it. Obsessing about what one isn't, or worse, an unattainable ideal is a formula for misery.

Yes, I am leaving out things like recover from surgery etc.


I would not know where to start on that, just one ?


Fix the ear that doesn't work.


Also, 2" more in height would be nice


Smaller books, flatter stomach

What's a book? You mean shorter novels?

@CallMeDave typo! You can figure it out šŸ™‚

@shebaloney this is excellent!!! I laughed out loud.

@outlier8 I have had these books since I was 13. Not sure what it would be like without them

@outlier8 Tacoma is awesome! Nuclear free zone.! And great farmers market.


Iā€™m tall and thin, Iā€™d like some curves in general.. some butt and boobs would be nice.

I don't know, you look pretty awsome to me. ā˜ŗ


I'd get slightly smaller breasts. Bloody moobs. Hard to shift.


I'd have a magic wand that was always just the right size!


My health .


Move my age back a bit!

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