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Any plumbers?

Ive all but decided on a career change. I have tons of questions and would love to hear from anyone with experience. Also looking for anything that will help me get a foot in the door, im a hermit so no connections to speak of.

Renickulous 7 Aug 22

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I thought this might be a secret site looking for Watergate like conspirators to help out in D.C.


It could be a good gig if what I was charged the last few times I used one is any indication.......


Good luck I'm rooting for you!!!!


I have a nephew that is a plumber and he says the worst part for him was crawling under old houses to fix plumbing problems.


Try contacting your local plumbers union. They might be able to point you in the right direction.


I can answer some. I am not a pro however I have done a ton of plumbing I did HVAC a few years just put new pex water line in my home and replaced the drains toilets and sinks in 2 of my bathrooms.


I was a plasterer, and laboured to a plumber and a joiner when our co-op had no work - plumbing is easier in a way because you can get a break now and then - plastering you have to keep on going and don't get the same break times as everyone else.
Our co-op was also plumbing in baths as most of the small terraced houses didnt have then and there were government grants for plumbing installations.


As I understand it , it pays well . You'll need to do a lot of crawling around under sinks and such . Please , please, please get some heavy duty suspenders .

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