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One word. Wow!

Wow! I had no idea anyone could be that stupid. So they should be able to sue the hospital for the death of their child. That is worth a try.


Gotta be a joke...

or people watching too many superhero movies


Sigh...I feel sorry for this kid with idiot parent(s). What other nonsense will he be fed? It's sad.

It wasn't the parents , who came up with this concept . It was the , "friend," who advised the parents not to vaccinate their daughter .


When I initially read something like this I think to my self that it has to be a joke! Then I recall that I live in a country where a significant part of the population doesn't believe in global warming or evolution. Then to top it off they elected Donald Chump as president! Yes people are really that fing stupid!!!


And she could've made an awesome mutant, if only they'd delivered her to Xavier and out of this incapable mother's hands.


No hope for the human race.



Emphasis on the "dumb"


It's a good thing that car killed little Magneta before she grew up and formed the Sisterhood of Evil Mutants. That was obviously sarcasm. It was obvious, right?

I, for one, was very worried about that.

We need more Magenta, less Magneta


Idiocy abounds!


O...M...G... You have to TRY to be that stupid... Seriously.


The kid will be "magnetic" to diseases for sure

You must be referring to mental diseases.... with parents like that to infect them.


Easily disproven. The MMR vaccine doesn't contain thimerosal (ethylmercury) as a preservative and mercury (a heavy metal) isn't magnetic anyway. [] The magnetic metals are iron, nickel and cobalt. "At room temperature, the element mercury is not very magnetic at all. It has a very small, negative magnetic susceptibility, meaning that when you put mercury in a magnetic field, it magnetizes just a little tiny bit in the opposite direction. We say that mercury is a weakly diamagnetic substance at room temperature." []

I love this!


People so stupid should not be allowed to breed!


Oh, my...that IS incredibly asinine.

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