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Hey, everyone. I am proud to be a part of this website. And, I like how we can post, and, share information. That is so wonderful.

So, I am a proud Atheist. Very proud. And, I have some neighbors who are Christians. They don't really respect this great way of life. I take care of a child who is the youngest of one of these Christian neighbors. It is fine. I don't push my views on anyone. He loves my family, and, we love him.

The problem is that the husband, and, wife keep asking for favors. I help them with a flat tire. I am a single Mom with 3 kids. I am a homemaker, and, a writer. So, I have time to help the community. Both lost their driver's licenses (don't ask). And, the husband keeps speeding, then spent time in the slammer. The wife needed me to take her into town to get her car out of impound (couldn't do it, didn't think to call first. ) Now, she wants me to take her to work! It is almost an hour! And, pick her up!

Then, she gets an attitude! I told her that I am sorry. Haven't done enough?! I just met them not too long ago! My job is to watch their baby. Not be a driver. Where is the responsibility?! I keep my diver's license. And, abide by the law.

But, they think they are better, because they are Christians. They even have a Christian family with whom they have been friends with for almost 10 years!!! But, they can't help. So, where is the church brethren, and, sisteren?! And, the "Lordt" brought them to get some humble, humanist help from an Atheist!? Just hilarious. And, troubling.

(Sorry for the long post).

AtheismIsLife 5 Jan 18

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You have your own life and its nothing to do with religion. tell them straight and firm but be nice.


Developing the ability to say 'no' when appropriate is one of the best life skills anyone can have. Welcome to the site.

That was one of the best comments. Thank you.


the problem is not them asking, its you saying yes. kick them to the curb.


you might have to kick pretty hard. them kind of folks can be pretty clingy. gets easier when you get more consistent with it.


Give her the phone number to lyft or uber. To write takes concentration and patients when that gets disrupted can throw you off especially if you are in the middle of a thought.


You are being taken advantage of. They are Toxic. They drain you. I learned to cut these needy people out of my life. You can too.

Thank you for being honest. So much good feedback.


Fuck that. Sever ties


they are users...cut them off. Period


If they lost their driver's license because they were irresponsible, then don't be an enabler. Also, they sound like energy vampires. It's one thing to help people who are down on their luck, but if you feed energy vampires, they will return time and time again and won't think twice about how it's impacting you. Set your boundaries.

Welcome to the community.

Well received.


A. There is no more reason to be proud of your atheism than you are of the color of your skin or your height.
B. Regardless of their religious affiliation, it sounds like your neighbors are selfish assholes. For that reason alone you should stop taking their calls.


Welcome, no need apologize for lengthy post. We have some avid readers here 🙂

Thank you. I had to vent.

@AtheismIsLife we all do which is why this place is so wonderful because someone will listen

I agree. I feel comfortable here with you all.

@AtheismIsLife good. There is problems everywhere but if you encounter any, just block the individual and report to admin.


I see this all the time... I served on vestry at my church years ago and helped out with a lot of things for parish members and the community. When I was in need, not one of them was there for me. I'm more careful now with my time and where I choose to donate time or money. Luckily now I have neighbors who are there for me to help out when I need it. I help them every chance I get.

Thank you for sharing. I forgot to say that the wife has an attitude because I will not take her to her job.

@AtheismIsLife there are so many sponges like that... I am so sorry that you have to live so near them. It must make you feel trapped at times. Once you put your foot down, it will likely take time, but it should ease up. Some people just use and use and feel oddly entitled to everyone else's time and energy. Sick..

Awwwww, thank you for your concern. Well, there is an update. Because I said, "No," nicely, she told me that she would driver herself!!!!!! I thought she needed a ride?! Or, maybe that was to save face.


There is a religious saying that, "Pride goeth before the fall". Because are an atheist, no such punishing fall awaits you. However, that is not the case for your "Christian" friends. Set some boundaries so that you are in control of what you are truly willing to give. For those times when they have needs that you are unwilling to meet. Offer them empathy and moral support. You may recall the story of Job from past brushes with religious dogma. According to the story, Job is being tested by his God through his various misfortunes. Suggest to them that they are just like Job and let them revel in there ability to measure up to their God's testing. Have fun. But don't be cruel or condescending. This really is their monkey and they need to hang onto it themselves. Be a friend, not an enabler.

Okay, will do. Thank you.

This is probably not the place for this question, but you're an atheist pastor? I'm very curious how that works.

@JeffMurray I minister to atheists. Atheism does not mean we have to ignore our spiritual side. We just don't need a diety to make it happen.

@Dwight I am apparently very ignorant of what "ministering" means.

Oh, I understand, Dwight. I wasn't sure what you meant, either. Thank you for the explanation.

@JeffMurray attending to needs. Spiritual counseling for atheist, agnostic and others not wishing a traditional religious response. Some folks get lost and need help finding themselves. Religion is not the answer and may actually be the problem.

@Dwight I guess I also don't understand why atheists talk about spiritual anything, religious or otherwise.

@JeffMurray ask the Jedi, if there are any left.


Disassociate yourself from these people asap. They will suck you dry, if you let them. Stop watching their kid. You owe them nothing. They do not respect you, they do think they're better. Don't worry about what anyone will think either. It's clear they aren't worried about what you think. Good luck.

Awwwww, thanks. I agree with you.


Christians are funny that way. They think they are the shit just because they go to church and remember a few scriptures. Otherwise, they're better than you. I call out their bullshit.

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