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Why is it so difficult for people to accept facts over fiction with regard to religion?

I find that some individuals just place religion in one compartment and day to day living in another compartment. They never challenge the premises in religion they just do whatever their parents did and they continue as they were brought up.

Marine 8 Aug 23

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Facts? Does not religion offer, in so many cases, an alternative set of facts, found in their holy books, doctrines and creeds? Your last point is key, in my opinion, as most people who argue for the validity of their particular religion forget that what they believe is, for the vast majority of adherents, simply a factor of geography, and that had they been born in Delhi, Riyadh or Bangkok, instead of Birmingham, they'd practice, and likely defend, an entirely different system of belief.

Xtians react poorly to the fact(FACT) that they are almost the minority. So much delusion, imho.


It's too much effort to change. Once people decide on something, they usually just keep doing it.


loving a lie.....happens all the time.


There's comfort to be had in adhering to a particular fantasy that you've embraced over time. When you challenge that, even if you're right, you're asking (or maybe demanding) that they give up that refuge of comfort and if you offer nothing to replace it, you're then telling them that, not only can they not have that thing that brought them comfort, but you're also going to make them feel vulnerable and exposed.


AnticitizenX does a good job of answering that question. I would recommend watching his entire series.

This example is perhaps the most to the point:

Here is a another sample


Because if they accept the facts, they are wrong. If they are wrong, there is no heaven.


people don't like being wrong even if they are


Politics, religion, reality, romance, They all seem to fall into the receipt of deceit category.


Well, I am not sure but perhaps I do the same as I grew up with no religion and continue as I grew up. However, my sister converted to Catholicism 5 years ago. She is well versed in Catholic philosophy, a member of the Catholic Workers Party basically a follower of Dorothy Day. I believe there is some liberation theology in there as well. She discuss St.Augistine and various other philosophers of the faith and seems to be thriving.

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