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What obsessions or similar activities have you given up for the better, because they're no longer of use for you?

I used to do a lot of things to help relieve my stress, things that were not very helpful. I ate too much, I spent too much money, I didn't take very good care of myself. A lot of that has been changing. But something in particular that has struck me lately that marks this change, is that I had an overwhelming interest in playing spider solitaire and and other games - they were like a fidget toy I kept going to, sometimes for long periods of time. Now if I go to them I just feel so bored and disgusted. Yay me for waking up.

bleurowz 8 Aug 23

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Smoking. Although it took awhile.

Started by throwing the pack I had (half pack of Export A king silvers) in a dumpster on my way home from work one night. Which I naturally replaced the next day lol. But that night was a turning point, because after that night, I never got though an entire pack of cigs or cigars (actually, cigarillo's) again. Though slow and expensive, the relapse periods slowly grew from days, to a week(s), than a month(s). Until I could say that it was more than a year since touching anything tobacco related. And it has been over a year since touching anything of the sort at this point.

I also quit chewing tobacco. Though I quit that one long before I ever got addicted. Long story short, I didn't know you weren't actually supposed to chew it.
And people looked at me like I was an idiot . . . why didn't they name it gumming tobacco!


Mountain Dew - November 15, 2015
All sodas - January 6, 2016


Horses, and if I hurt myself one more time in a fall it will be bicycles next.
Oh & sport fucking. Too old for that shite.

You've retired from sport fucking? Say it ain't so!

@maturin1919 ?

@Qualia I might as well be a kid and you Shoeless Joe Jackson =(

@maturin1919 You're young. Lots ahead of you ?

@Qualia Too kind. There's a 70-year old inside of this.

@Qualia Still, sport fucking as an obsession... I feel like I could learn a lot. Let me know if you ever dust off your spikes =)~

@maturin1919 Looks like we're geographically challenged to even hang out. Get Scotty to beam you over. LOL

@Qualia Sadly, he has become one with the Force =(

@maturin1919 yes he has. dog speed Scotty

@Qualia He's givin' it all she has, Cap'n!


caring and empathy.]


I gave up playing basketball years ago, and looking back I wasted way too much time playing in High School and beyond. I could have used that time so much better.


It appears sex with another person. It was not voluntary or planned, just seems to have worked out that way. It saddens me greatly, but I have learned to deal with it.


I used to be addicted to the Hokey Pokey, but I turned myself around.

Isn't that what its all about?


Smoking, and I’m so glad I quit. I can’t stand the smell of cigarettes and wonder how I ever thought it was cool. Now everybody vapes.


I just stopped worrying as it did no good.


I stopped stalking Sofia Vergara after the restraining order.

Mmmmm Sofia Vergara...


A couple:

-When younger, I was much more of a "thing" person. House, car, all the stuff. No longer, long, long past. I became a minimalist before minimalism became a thing. I've grown......

-Alcohol. I never had a drinking problem, though I do like to drink. I still like to, however, I do so rarely. Fitness and health and more important to me, and the benefits I get as a healthy, medicine-free 63 year old are worth it. Since mid-June, I've had alcohol one time, and that was a "special exception" with my best cigar buddy.


I used to play minesweeper for hours. What a waste of time.

I used to ski all the time. Then I moved away from any decent mountains. I miss it so much. I want to arrange a trip this winter.


Once I moved out on my own three years ago, my interest in my Bourbon stash went away. These beautiful bottles of Kentucky deliciousness haven't gotten any love in a long, long time. Perhaps I will bring them out for a final hurrah when I host a party for my work colleagues next month.


Smoking cigarettes ( for my 30th birthday)


Gambling was something I ditched not before time.
I used to play chess for a club and county but was very time consuming and would involve me driving. There was always a drink either after or during the game and though I would limit myself to just 2.that rule got bent too often, In the end it it was the winning that I craved more than the game itself. Winning is a drug and as such is addictive. Though I recommend those most people try it at least once.


Not I..all my life, if I found I was becoming addicted to anything in the least way, I stopped immediately..even drinking Haitian coffee.


Saturation seems to be an effective way for me to deal with obsessions. Video Games, Work, Gambling, Smoking, when I've had enough, I'm ready to really let go. I don't know if it works that way for anyone else. It doesn't seem to. A lot of people I know seem to have to wreck their lives before they reach that saturation point. So, maybe it is just me??


Drugs, Alcohol, Medicines.

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