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Anyone get calls on their phone that say "Scam Likely?"

Of course I do not answer these and block the number, but if the carrier recognizes the number as such, why do they bother even allowing the number? Who answers those?

MyLiege 7 Jan 18

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Me too , at first I thought it was my little brother . I think they are probably numbers from collection agencies or sales that have gotten several complaints.


Yes I do and I also get, "Telemarketing". I never answer any of them. Sometimes they will leave a message.

I use Google Voice and T-Mobile.


Yes I have I answered anyway that just happened about a week ago first time I have no idea what's going on I did block the number afterwards and message.


Not yet....yikes!


No, our carrier does not give such notifications. Does any carrier do that?

Yes. Mine is through MetroPCS and at least once a week I get a random "Scam Likely" call.

@MyLiege They actually tell you this call is probably a scam?

Yes they do


If you don't recognize a number it could be a scam to connect to your computer or phone. Happened to me the other day. Google scam area codes fora list of codes scammers use. Received a message from dating site to text someone. Then follow up phone call. Be careful everyone.


Yes. Just hang up. And if asked a question - never answer "yes" - again hang up immediately.

For me it's easy now, as I still have a landline and answering machine. if an unrecognized number comes up, I let the machine answer. If it's a scam, or robo-call,, no message will be left !


If I am in the right mood and scams call me I will mess with them. That might be a feature on your phone.

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