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Are ppl become more annoying or am I become more angry!#chapterofmylife

Haider 5 Jan 18

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I think people are just becoming more annoying, it may be the way they were raised or they have less tolerance for ignorance


Apart from alcohol/ drug/ psychosis isn't anger just the inability to control negative response because of lack understanding or denied knowledge?

And if after anger management rehabilitation you still are angry you can always join us by becoming members of the Curmudgeonly Old Bastard's Union - COBU.

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YES !!!

Tomas Level 7 Jan 19, 2018

As I get older I seem to have less patience for people. It is either because I'm becoming a cranky old man or my kids and job takes it all. In my personal time I'm less tolerant of a lot of behaviors. If only I had a yard I could yell at kids to get off of it.

Join COBU?

@FrayedBear Woo hoo! I guessed the title before reading your comment. Well I had Cranky Old Bastards United, but close enough


I'd say a little of both. Many people hide behind the internet and just yank your chain for shits and giggles. Some take that behavior into real life. I think in general more people are becoming angrier. We feel less listened too, in part because we spend less time in face-to-face discussions. Seek first to understand, then be understood. Finally, the left and right silos are becoming more and more entrenched and frustrated with the other side.

CS60 Level 7 Jan 18, 2018

i would say both to an extent


I think there are better ways to criticize somthing than the way some people do. Sorry you had a bad interaction. All I can suggest is try not to be vague, but I’m not that great at posts either. You’ll do just fine, your probably eger to be a part of all this, but take your time. The thoughts I’m left with after reading and interacting on this site have made my workdays fly by. Iv had bad interactions too, we can’t all be socially adept, and that’s not to say I am either. Move on and enjoy your stay, people aren’t insensitive all the time, and if you get past some of their coarseness, they can prove to be really cool.


I don't know you - so you might be more angry ?

But yes - humans seem to be becoming more everything : rude, angry, paranoid, drugged, negative, compassion-less, - all of it.

And still - there remain some that make me smile !


I vote for both.


People are maybe becoming more annoying


We all have our moments. I'm a lot less angry than I was years ago.

Work on self improvement and you become less angry... noticed that myself over the past 7-8 months.

@sassygirl3869 the fluoride poison in the water is having the intended effect of "sedating" you.
"Findings reported by our founding editor, Dr G L Waldbott, of which Dr Mullenix and her co-workers do not appear to have been aware. These involved a wide range of reversible toxic effects of fluoridated drinking water, including diminished mental acuity and impairment of memory.6-8 In a separate report, Dr Waldbott even gave an account,supported by laboratory data, of a case of tetaniform convulsions induced by drinking fluoridated drinking water."

Only drink bottled water.

@sassygirl3869 Wise but make sure that it is not just recycled "town water" a deception seemingly occurring too often.

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