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LINK Trump ignores questions about John McCain as White House flag returns to full-staff - ABC News

Il Douche can't even bother to honor McCain with lowering the ensign.????

chalupacabre 8 Aug 27

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TRump is just a twat.


"Hearts & prayers?" Well, of course! We didn't expect anything articulate and actually meaningful, now....did we?


Maybe somebody interrupted his tweeting to set things straight. Saw several articles about the flag not being lowered, before it was reported correctly. As I recall, when McCain was 1st diagnosed with cancer, they talked his wishes, should he not make it and it was expressly stated that Trump would not be welcome at the service.


He did not get ignore this issue the flag will be held at half-mast up through Sunday. Mike Pence is attending the funeral.


He has no heart - not even a cold, shriveled heart. What a POS!!

Ohub Level 7 Aug 27, 2018

He was asked not to attend the funeral. Of course the insult is more important than anything else.

He was expressly not invited for good reason. Last thing anybody wants to hear at McCain's service is Drumpf utter 2 sentences about McCain, then 2 hours about himself.


He is such a POS. Immature, insensitive, out of his friggin mind.

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