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What's the big deal about Level 8?

Why are there members who are in a rush to get there?

misternatureboy 7 Aug 27

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Apparently is a very important achievement for some people.

If I don't get at least a mortgage payment out of it, I'm not too excited about getting there. 🙂

There's also a race for Level 10 -- all you gotta do is post about 20 links and videos a day. The posts won't garner any interaction from others, but you'll be in the running -- and that is what matters!! Ready, go!!

I'm about 1100 points away, and I think I've stalled. I don't want to spam the forum with BS, and I refuse to post just to ask for likes and comments.

I'll get there, but I'm not obsessing over it.

@JustLynnie your welcome.


It is about the journey. And the T shirt.

But mostly the ....


T- shirt! In choice of black or purple, plus a very nice pen!

Huh. Nice tokens, I guess. I've been on Facebook for a LONG time and all I got was my private information sold to all the goddamn corporations.


It's a steep climb.


Your on your way to ∞


Guess if you're a nudist then it really doesn't matter 🙂

An illiterate nudist--there's also a pen, apparently.


It confirms that you don't have a life.


I think it's the shirt .

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