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What makes you more likely to live to 100?
Great TED talk about research showing the top 10 predictors of living to be 100. What's not on the list - faith.


Tecolote 7 Jan 19

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Both of my parents lived until 96, so I have the longevity thing going on--if I really wanted to live that long. However, they led healthier lifestyles than I do, though my sheer orneriness could put me well past 100.


Longevity in my family. My nana lived to 109.


I'd imagine a generous, daily consumption of fresh vegetables was high on the list. As for "faith," I believe I've read of multiple ways in which meditation is basically the equivalent of prayer in how either affects our bodies/health, etc.


I am not sure I want to live to be 100. My goal is to live as long as I have money to do what I want to do, and as long as I can keep doing what I want to do. If I lose my eyesight I may as well shuffle off. I like to sew, read, do crafts. I'm very visual.


I commend everyone willing to spent time looking for the secret to a longer life. I lived my life as a young man not expecting to pass 50. I made it to 64 in good health and shape enough I can dance all night and at the end of the night you won't hear I am tired. The guy next to me died at 57 while looking in better shape I was. I just go... until the time comes to say goodbye. I am not even worried anymore about money. I retired... Noticed that there are a lot less worry when you retire. I made it to retirement that's enough for me. Even my worst moments were victories. so I will continue living with the diet and bad habits of always. Do as I please when I please, if a soul mate is found... I will accommodate her and adapt to her desires. a "collective freedom" will be in place. I had seen that while ignorance kills many.... ignorance is what also kept many alive. After all the mad man is the last one to find out his condition. My ex wife says my middle age crisis came and went and I didn't noticed it. Sometimes the object is to live well and not to live long. My mom is still around despite 2 cancers. Maybe I got good stock to begin with. My grandma died two days before scheduled to have one foot removed... on her 80's she surely will herself to die with a complete body. Maybe that is her last lesson in life for me. That was how she was. But whatever time I got left I want to live that time without worry. My life, my rules.


I am cutting out when the medical problems get too bad . To heck with all that prolonged propaganda. I have told my youngest brother to make sure all my dna is destroyed so that I can not be cloned.

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