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If you could live anywhere for a year, where would you choose?

my answer -- one of the smaller cities in France. I've spent a lot of time in Paris and love the place but I'd want to live where I could get to know people and become part of the community. (Oui, je parle français.)

chicagojcb 7 Jan 20

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Where in Australia? It's a big continent...

Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide


Still thinking of that tropical island. Warm, sunny, happy place.No drama, no politics.


Charlestown, South Carolina. Singing what a day for a daydream.


Kuala Lampur..I love how it rolls around my tongue whilst say it..or Phuket..


At one time I considered Cuenca, Ecuador for a retirement spot. It is close to the equator, gets all four seasons in one day, friendly to expats, and cheap. Then my daughter had a baby. Now another daughter is having a baby. I don't think I want to go anyplace for a year where I can't take the babies. Well, the parents too cuz I'm done with full time baby stuff. But I want to be nearby to see the babies grow up.


roma has it all


Costa Rica! I have a friend down there I used to date when we were in high school. I actually plan to take this trip sometime this year! That place is absolutely gorgeous!


Probably in Cowal Scotland, but Sienna would be a close second.


If I had a choice and the financial security to do it, I wouldn't live anywhere.

I would spend the year touring - either by public transport or motorcycle. I would make my way around the world.stopping off in places as it suited me and living as the locals do, not using posh hotels, but b&b or camping.

I rarely go to the same place twice for holidays, no matter how much I like a place (short breaks in Scotland excepted) as there is so much of the world out there to see. And contrary to popular belief, most of it friendly and welcoming.


After 2 tours in Switzerland, I would certainly pick this place. Magnificent scenery, very clean and tidy, Lovely people, great safety. never a dull moment......


Nah... you need to give me a partner in crime. What I do alone. I can do here.

Never said you couldn't take somebody along...

@chicagojcb Now you talking. I am ready to negotiate terms.

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