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Why isn't our voting day a National holiday? Why can't we mail our votes in like absentee voters?

Marine 8 Jan 20

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Voting in the USA was always for the privileged. Even as women, minorities, non property owners were allowed the right, access has always been an issue... one might say on purpose to keep the privileged being the majority of those who actually can vote.


Well, in my state, Arizona, I am on the early ballot list, so I do mail in my vote. I agree about the National Voting Day, tho.




It's almost like they don't want us to vote.


Oregon has had vote by mail for several years. Think it works well. Pretty high percent of the people who have voted. Can't talk to other US states.


We're voting using a system designed for the late 18th Century.


Voter suppression. its a tactic. being the majority of the country is quite liberal, the extreme rt would loose every election. they don't want the other 40% voting.


have you viewed a voters map lately. most states vote red

yes, have you seen the gerry mandering? its crazy here.


Good questions. It should be a national holiday IMO. Mailing in votes could open up the process to more fraud, but it seems more feasible to be able to vote online rather than snail mail.


Isn't voting regulated by individual states?

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