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I just wanted to say hello from a tiny blue dot in a stupid, red state.

Lisav1961 5 Jan 20

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Welcome to this fabulous site. Do you know if Kansas City still has some "crazy little women there"? LOL Wasn't there a book written about Kansas a few years ago? I think it was called ; What's Wrong With Kansas? Or something like that.

I’m sur there is a song but not sure about the book. I lived in Hays five years before moving to Lawrence.


Welcome to the group. I grew up in western Kansas, and went to college in Manhattan, and then left. Live in the blue part of a blue state (Oregon)


Thanks for the welcome everyone!


I spent several years in Overland Park. One of my kids started the Young Democrats at Blue Valley West HighSchool. Then we moved back in time about 50 years to Omaha, NE in 2005. I didn't think she'd ever forgive us for that. Then the governor messed the state up and we're really glad to have escaped. I loved OP.

Welcome to this group, it is a nice place to hang out.


You are not alone! Everywhere, there are people among a lot of 'red' people who seem to have gone off the rails! That see nothing wrong with splitting apart families, which will cause hardship and pain...creating shame on the backs of childen, who can't figure out why their family life is falling apart! And, we feel their pain and feel mostly helpless to stop the carnage...But, we may be few in some places, but we know the difference between justice and injustice and we will not stay silent...keep that in your heart!


Greetings from one of the bluest locations in the country though we are surrounded by "Trump country."


I just checked your profile. I moved from Wichita, KS to my tiny dot of blue in Missouri.

I have a son in Wichita

My daughter and grandson still live there.





Lol - I feel your pain ????

Iffy Level 5 Jan 20, 2018

I liked the way you phrased that.

Thank you!


Lol, welcome to the community, Lisa, from another tiny blue dot in an ass-backward red state.

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