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LINK The many sides of Eddie Izzard | The Saturday Paper

Eddie has long been one of my heroes... for being himself. He says, among many other things:

"It’s up to us. I don’t believe in God. If a floaty guy didn’t come down for World War II, then he’s not going to come down for this. We’re on our own.”

By poetdi567
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Ahhhhh....the EXECUTIVE TRANSVESTITE! I'm always happy when he suddenly pops up in a film. "Victoria and Abdul" was the last one I saw.


During my religious transition from doubt to eventual abandonment, comedians like Eddie Izzard, George Carlin, Dave Allen, Ricky Gervais, Jim Jefferies and Lewis Black helped lift my spirits. Laughter is, very often, the best of all medicines!


Eddie is wonderful! Got to see a performance live a few years ago when he did the 50 state tour. Brilliant person!

Donna_I Level 7 Sep 3, 2018

Me too! From Dress to Kill until now, I've just become a bigger fan!


The first time I saw him was on a HBO special many years ago. His interaction with the audience and his penchant for story telling made him a very entertaining person. I was hooked. I love his each and every performance, people visiting would turn their noses up at him (he's Gay) as I made sure to have one of his shows cued up for them to watch. All in all he is still one of my favorite performers, be it comedy, drama or a mix of the two. I would love to see him in a remake of Kinky Boots in the lead role of Lola. That would be worth watching.

That HBO special, Dress to Kill, won him an Emmy!

@poetdi56 He won an Emmy for that? How cool that is!!! Thanks for the show title, now I can watch it again. I lost the VHS tapes (I know, who watches those anymore) when I moved a few times.


Wow, fer sure!!


As Eddie articulated in his memoir "Believe Me," his argument against the existence of a supreme being is one with which I agree especially.

SonofMax Level 7 Sep 2, 2018

Izzard is great and courageous. If there's ever a trans coin he should be on it.

Also, if Floaty Guy doesn't bother Himself with worldly affairs – as His sleeping through WWII, the Holocaust, the Black Plague, etc., etc. indicates – what's the purpose in worshiping Him anyway? It'd appear He's not listening.

Deiter Level 8 Sep 2, 2018

Big fan!

Sticks48 Level 9 Sep 2, 2018

I can sit and listen to him for hours. Liked him in Oceans and Hannibal too!

Umbral Level 8 Sep 2, 2018

Have you ever seen "Revengers Tragedy"?

@Donna_I no, but now I will. Thanks!


I adore Eddie Izzard. Have for a long time.

KKGator Level 9 Sep 2, 2018
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