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This is how I feel on most days. Can you relate?

SimplyMe 5 Jan 20

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Yes sometimes.
Also, @SimplyMe we seem to be 99% compatible ๐Ÿ™‚ and just not sure how they arrive at that figure, as I am in Sydney and you are in America!

I am uncertain how their matching scales work, but certainly there must be several factors.

Maybe they read minds and know I have been open to moving to Canada in the past. Lol

However, what they failed to โ€œreadโ€ is that I STILL do not have a passport to even cross over the border! Ha! Fail! ๐Ÿ˜‰

@SimplyMe lol. I am also in Australia!


I see they have escalated from paper planes.

Paper would be safer! Well, except for the paper cuts. Lol

@SimplyMe Have you ever seen the 007 movies one of those guys used playing cards as an assassination weapon. I do not think that is possible, have seen playing cards get stuck in styrofoam before though.


Well, I donโ€™t generally teach in a skirt, but my students typically require my attention all the time.

Much like life, I guess, thereโ€™s always something keeping us busy when we are very responsible people.


Not usually, but in recent weeks, yep.


OMG Yes!!!

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