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This is a very thought provoking question/meme. I'm really excited to see what you all will say compared to the religious groups.

ScienceBiker 8 Jan 21

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Torture with tickles and humor, then get a hammer and smash the keypad.


Why waste time with torture when the time can be used to remove the people from the track?


Once got a lousy mark for a philosophy essay on "Is torture ever justified?" and I said yes if you can immediately verify the information obtained, if there will be irrevocable harm if the information is not forthcoming and if possible use techniques that do not result in long term injuries. You also need fairly valid reasons to believe they know the information in the first place, though somebody saying "I know but I'll never tell you" will do.
Don't recant that position, so yes you do it. To me anything else is moral cowardice.

Kimba Level 7 Jan 21, 2018

@MrLizard In this case you are after a password ergo immediately verifiable and it is stipulated they know. It also applies to any a...hole that wants to say they've planted a bomb, left kidnapped people somewhere that sort of thing. Totally useless for who else was involved, what are they planning and that sort of thing, because these cannot be immediately verified.


Sad but true. Torture away...


Throw the speechless prick in front of trolley. If he talks, problem solved, if not it gives you time to free others while the trolley mangels his body. Problem Solved.


WWJD what would Jack (Bauer) do?


Who do you work for? Do your boss knows you spent time at work drawing? Where you found those people? Who helped you? Why you are excited? Let me see your phone? What's your name? You from here? Are you a citizen?


fucked if i know


Is there a reason he doesn't want to tell you the password, or does he not know the password?

The Trolley Dilemma is a classic thought experiment, but it always limits you to just two possible solutions, and life in general is never that simple. Even Mr. Spock had problems with the logic of "the needs of the many outweighs the needs of the few".


Sorry but I don't seem to see the question.


I think the crux of the question implies that torture would yield the password and save the people, in which case, yes, no hesitation.


If he has the password, then he locked the switch. If he doesn't provide the password then he is the murderer, regardless of who put the people in harms way. They are guilty as well. One count of murder for each one. Pretty sure he qualifies for the death penalty. Which he has to know is the outcome, so torture isn't going to work. He has accepted his fate.

Accepting one's death is a whole lot different than submitting to torture.


my first reaction would be to put him in front of all those other people on the track, then torture him into telling me the code.

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