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This one's about you?

What are your 3 best qualities?

SonderOpia 8 Jan 21

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I tend to be honest.

I tend to care.

I tEnD tO bE a CoMpLeTe PaIn In ThE aRsE wHo SoMeTiMeS wRiTeS iN aLtErNaTe CaPiTaLs AnD lOwEr CaSe JuSt To PiSs PeOpLe OfF.

That was just odd, but funny


1,I try to be loyal.2,I try to live up to my family come first.

TRY?! You either are loyal or you are not, there is no middle ground...


Intellect, strength of will and my large bushy mustache.

Viva la 'Stache!


Love a big mustache...When I played hockey in my younger days I had a huge curled mustache (think of an old-timey fireman), which ,I admit, must have looked odd because I'm only 5'8"...I've just always appreciated facial hair that shows some character...

I’m 5’7”@twitch


Generous - I enjoy doing things for people. I get satisfaction out of the idea that I can be of help to someone.

Easy-going - I'm pretty easy to get along with. I don't like drama.

Rational - I can be reasoned with. I'm not stubborn or bull-headed. I like to learn and I like interesting conversations.


honesty integrity and personality/sense of humour, oh and I have a huge cock

I'm not sure about the last one but thank you for sharing?

oh you don't like chickens


I'm not overly tall.
I move like cat most of the time.
i listen, but my hearing loss compensates for it.


I am good at art, I'm okay at shooting, and I'm kind of smart.


I have no idea what my best qualities are, only my family and friends know these things. I know what I'm good and bad at the rest is for others to decide.

@Stevil Maybe that's true, it's like this I don't always know if I've said or done the right thing sometimes, I don't fret about it but I've found during my life that some people are hard to read and even for the slightest thing they will burn ya down. On the other hand some people turn out to be diamonds. I try not to judge but a lot of folk spend all their time judging others when a look in the mirror his needed.

  • critical reasoning (logical, careful, deliberate, thoughtful)
  • writing ability (clear, descriptive, organized, creative)
  • artistic (drawing, computer graphics/design, logos)

isn't being artistic a skill?

@LeighShelton They all are learned skills and innate talents, the line between is blurred. I answered this late last night and wasn't thinking of qualities as limited to character traits — just things that I think stand out.

no worries my friend and you have somewhat of a point too.


Darn... I believe I am Loyal. Honest. Adorably Insane.


Rationality, compassion, admiration for the human race. I like these qualities about myself.


I am human. I love life. I choose the positive attitude over negativity.


Not sure if it is a quality, but I believe I am a fairly decent parent, I am honest to the point where it is detrimental to me and I take action.

  1. I'm a perfectionist - which can also be a flaw

  2. Great sense of humor - we all think we have one, right?

  3. I'm caring and empathetic - don't cross me or try to take advantage of me though. Empathy isn't mutually exclusive with being stupid.

I'm also loyal almost to a fault if someone is loyal to me. I don't know if those are my 3 best qualities, but they are good qualities that I think I have.

These are great qualities and I should know because I have them too LOL.


there are so many, its hard to pick just 3, my awesomeness just pours out of me, i guess my best quality is my being so humble. lmao





Good father
Totally unique

That is awesome people tell that to me occasionally, my response I just do the best I can do.

I used to think I was unique and then I read the book" You are not so smart". Unfortunately I found out that I am not a snowflake I'm just like everybody else. FML.

I really do find find everyone unique....quite different to smart.

@SonderOpia Books, even though I love to read can be a selfish opinion of the author perspective .

@azzow2 this is not the author's opinion. This book is based on several different people and their perspectives and their study and facts.


1.Objective, but not arrogantly intelligent.
2. Too Easy.
3. Conversationalist.


I'm not thinking of this in the job interview sense.

Easy going.
Pretty good writer.


Honest, Flexible, persistent.


I am loyal, honest and understanding.


•Happy to be alive

  1. I can eat food and turn it into energy and nutrients
  2. I can make noise
  3. I can create odors

Easygoing, honest, funny


I think with logic as often as possible.

When I error it is humbling and I can admit to it.

Try to consider other peoples outlook and include that in my thought process.

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