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Do you stay current on the latest science?

I am always hungry for the latest discovery, or theory. I post some of the things I watch on here, but I don't wish to bore the group with endless science lectures and documentaries. who else is a science nerd, or a scientist in some cases. I am just a science nerd, with no phd.

MichaelSpinler 8 Jan 21

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Yes, I read many of the online sites and some of the journals.


I'm 69 and just got my Bachelor's degree. I'll start a Masters in Feb. I had gone to college some in 1966, but of course, all the textbooks today were written after 2010. I realized how out-of-touch people get during their regular adult lives. I'm having a blast!! I'm more into the social sciences, but I do love the science of how our universe even came to be.


As a Science Fiction writer, I keep up with the latest science news. I imagine how the knowledge would be used in the future.

Gohan Level 7 Jan 22, 2018

The technology is being perfected. Not only does the car need to perform as advertised, it must be safe. And with the departments in our government being actively destroyed from within by individuals who aren't qualified, this set us back a few years. Until all the pieces fall into place can the flying car make it to production. Also, a few years after production begins, the prices of the flying cars my begin to drop into the realm of most people's wallets.


Science nerd myself. Space exploration, archaeology, paleontology in particular. Biology, zoology, cosmology as well. It's all fascinating.


I try, but there's just so damn much of it. Between wormholes, dark matter, carbon nanotubes, laser technology, Aurora aircraft, etc., etc., etc.; it's just so damn hard.


Yes. But much of it these days goes right 'over my head'

Me too, amigo, me too. But, hey, ya gotta try, right?



Went researching one thing, found something else to get lost in. Lol



As a physics/astronomy instructor I'm happy to report that it is part of my job description 🙂


I maintain a professional engineers license, and continuing education is a part of that. Do like learning new things, and science is high on the list.


I love to keep up with or at least try to keep up. i have a lot of catching up to do since I was misled for so long by religion and it's denial of reality. i use Youtube a lot as well as meetup group discussions as often as possible.


Science is interesting but I only took classes in anatomy and physiology, some micro, human development, and an ap bio in high school of that counts. I’m not up to date on science, but if I catch wind of of somthing neat, I do look it up. I really liked your video earlier that laid to rest my suspicions of nothing being somthing.

I’ll check it out next time I have a moment, thanks.@MichaelSpinler


No, I can hardly even keep pace with my own tiny sub-field of engineering. I wish I could but even if I did nothing but study all day (who would pay me to do that?) I still couldnt even keep pace.

Thanks to rss and feedly I can get a bunch of highlights for the day which is good enough.


I sure try to. I was delayed in my official education, but I've worked hard to always learn more, about everything I could.

So, when I did go back to school - it was a bit of a let-down. But, they wouldn't let me CLEP out (so to speak).

Now, I fall back to that Victorian ideal, where anyone (ok, it was 'gentlemen' back in the day, but that should always have been 'anyone'😉 can embrace science, and learn from it.



I was like that with flying... I understand that feeling of excitement... With science, I tryed to make a magnetic perpetual motion device.... utube is so full of crap.


I try to keep up with stuff that helps me understand human nature better, or stuff that might impact my future, or just really weird stuff like mixing spider DNA with goats to make goatmilk that has spiderwebs in it that are strong enough to use for micro-sutures.

skado Level 9 Jan 21, 2018

I came down a similar path. Somewhere along the way I got extra fascinated with the basic principles of natural selection and the wacky things evolution does, and how that impacts my worldview. One thing leads to another. There's no end to it. @MichaelSpinler


I'm in the same boat. Just a big science fan. Zero science education.

Nice. I watch a lot of you tube videos and read various things. I'll have to check that out!


I'm always looking up pop science on YouTube. If I find something interesting I'll read the study. Knowledge is power, afterall.

I'm going to start to. Maybe there should be a new category for science videos and articles... hint hint. 😉


My nerdiness is medical, I find the medical field fascinating. I work in a Health Information Management field.


I like to keep up on certain things. Prehistory, experimental archaeology, geology.

what is experimental archeology

It’s where people try to do things they way we think it was done before. @btroje

Here’s a quickie article.

@Annaleda that sounds fun and interesting

So fun. Did you know the Egyptians used copper saws? Or that the Easter Island Maoi literally were walked across the island? Or that one man could have stood the blue stones at Stonehenge?@btroje

@Annaleda I did watch something once of a man that moved huge stones like that

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