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Myers Briggs and other personality tests

Who believes in it? I see a lot of people posting their MBTI on here.

Lisl 5 Jan 22

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I think it can be a tool for a start of self exploration but shouldn't be used (certainly not solely or primarily) for any important decisions. Also I'm not a fan of applying binary designations to people, whether it is personality designations or politics - too many shades of gray or individual opinions that can't be accurately categorized that way.


I don't believe it's any more useful than taking the sorting quiz on Pottermore. Ravenclaw, btw....

Ravenclaw forever.

I'm not sure it's that useful... Different house on a different day.


It probably has some value is what I have heard from people in the field. Shrug.


'I don't pay much attention to it.


The Catholic Church once tested my personality. I ate their flesh and drank their blood Hahaha hahaha. I don't think they will do that again. They think I'm crazy.


Check out Wisdom of the Enneagram. Riso and Hudson. A much better resource for understanding your own personality and being mindful around the things that trigger problems or foster happiness and growth. Spot on regarding our individual basic fears and how to recognize them. IMO it should be used in dating rather than the intj thing but it's deeper and not widely known or understood so folks prefer the easy m-b testing stuff. The Enneagram is a great tool for understanding and interacting with others. btw my myers briggs is LMAO


MBTI is an old, outdated personality theory based on Jungian psychology (Frued's student, who integrated more spiritual/religious aspects into Frued's work). The largest probems is that there's no real solid basis for what personality types were used (mostly opinions and conjectures), and that the test has absolutely garbage test-retest validity (meaning you can't get consistent answers). It's not really good for testing your personality, but it can be good if you're into writing and would like to flesh out your characters a bit more. Blame pop science for why it's the personality inventory everyone knows about.

You're right. MBTI results have zero predictive validity for anything. It's popularity is due to marketing.


Anecdotally speaking, I think the myers-briggs gives a good picture of peoples' personality, but does not define them. People may also behave differently in different social situations, which makes the test not a reliable source. Personally, I am an INTP and I mainly behave the way an INTP is suspected to behave.


Did this once, the only thing that was clear was that I was an extrovert, no surprises there. The rest of the test is about false dichotomies and gave ambiguous results.

Kimba Level 7 Jan 22, 2018

I think ehe biggest problem with such tests are that they rely on you to be honest when doing the test and what is there to prevent you answering questions to slant your personality to be more like you what you want to appear.

What is your personality type?

@SACatWalker I think you may be thinking of the MMPI-2.


Someone once tested my personality. Was not quite what they expected.


Well, these Personality Tests are fun, and they reveal a little bit about yourself, but on the other side, every person is their own exception to these tests. Think of them like standardized tests. Sure they test personality, but because everyone's different, they can also be seen as completely useless.

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