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Is anyone else an obsessed collector?

I coolest 3D Photography and viewers. I love the hunt in antiques shops. I love showing the collection to others. That's part of the "Collector's Mentality". So much so, that the Florida Museum of Natural History has a one day show where locals bring in parts of their collections. This was my table, on Saturday. Lot's of hands on experiences and people loved it.

MrLizard 8 Jan 22

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I’m a die hard fan of collecting crystals.


Wow! Thats some cool stuff. My wife collects Norman Rockwell and other stuff like blue glass.


I don't collect but if I find something that can be repurposed I will save that until I use it

@Stevil I got an antique 8 foot arched doorway at a Re-store that was taken out of an old Spanish style house in Santa Fe. I love it

@Stevil what are the pillars made of?


No collections ...not into clutter but can appreciate other people passions.

yes I would love to visit any of my friend's museums.THe things will last longer that way


Nooooooooooooo, I don't do stuff. I get rid of anything that is unnecessary. The exception is books, we collect books, very specific books, mint conditions by specific authors and get them signed when we can. It is an investment though.

@MrLizard We have the complete works of Raymond E Feist some 30 odd books, all hardcover, some multiples, some covers from different countries and hope to get the last few signed next time he visits Oz. Also have the Original CD Rom Game, Betrayal at Krondor, which is also signed, Feist himself had not seen that version. We have an original radio screenplay of Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy with the actors comments and notes all through it, same for the Tommy play featuring music from The Who plus assorted sci books we liked,my daughter does a lot of Comic Con type events so gets them signed there as well.


I really enjoying collecting, and playing records. I have over 1200 of them

@MrLizard jazz, Prog, 80s new wave/alternative, classic rock. I bought my first record in 1973 when I was 8. It was the Beatles. I've also sold unloaded about 200 or so albums over the years that I now regret parting with. Never again!


I collect different cigarette lighters every since i stop smoking many years ago. Thats about it


I am too emotionally unavailable to be obsessed with anything or anyone.

@MrLizard Is not what you put faith on or what you doubt. Don't be my shrink and I won't be your bully.

@MrLizard Just remember life never meant to be fair. I am in Phase 3... The time to give a fuck about things and act on it was Phase 2. Phase 3 is less worry and more living. The mystery not revealed by now had lost importance and significance. I am out of the Rat Race.


Collector yes, obsessed no. I am careful to never cross the line into hoarder. All of my stuff is on display. Anything I don't care to display, I don't buy or get rid of.

I only collect things that I am emotionally connected to and / or will tend to appreciate in value. I look at my collections as something to enjoy and as an additional source of retirement income if needed.

@MrLizard I can relate to your pain my friend. I did a purge in 2010 when I moved to SEA from SFO. 15 boxes of books to the library. 2 pickups from Goodwill and a couple dump runs. I had lived there for 15 years... I had a rental house here for 2 years and did another purge in 2012 when I moved into my house. That definitely helps.


More of a hoarder-saving stuff.


I don't obsess about anything. However, the closest I come to what you're saying is something opposite of collecting. I tend to dispose of anything I am not using or have lost the need for, and it doesn't matter what it is. That includes things that have later become extremely valuable. The only things I will hold on to are things associated with important memories or things for which I have occasional use. Most such things are technological equipment and tools, specific photographs (very few pictures), and that's about it.

@MrLizard I'd love to hear about the results of that study.

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