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Are you a romantic? Are you passionate in a nonsexual context?

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I am a romantic. I constantly look at the space between objects. I measure things by what they lack. I have always been passionate about things that are important to me. But I find myself getting quieter as I get older. Some things are just not worth the fight anymore. I kind of miss my younger self. ☹️


I expect to be shown that you love me, not just tell me. Actions speak louder than words. I show people I love them by the things I do, but on the other side, I suck at verbally expressing love and romance.


I think romantic means different things to different folks. I'm not Pepe LePew, but l am a tactile person.


Absolutely, I write letters, poems, spend time going through cards to find just the right one, giving flowers (doesn't always have to be roses).There is nothing better than seeing a woman smile and her eyes light up.

I love giving wildflowers. Roses are overrated. But I'm still single. What do I know? 🙂

@Holysocks Join the club.

good man, Charlie Brown!


I am. But I'm also realistic. I'm exuberant about my own life. But I'm also concerned about the exploitation that hurts the lives of many…


I had been called "cold", I personally think I am romantic, but in order for me to express my feelings I have to be sure that what I feel is real and not just a fling..


I'm passionate about my music. I'm passionate about the parental love I have for my children.


Romantic, I have been, have a bit of it left I suppose...getting a bit more cynical. But I am definitely passionate about the environment, about politics about racism, sexism and the injustice 0eople do to one another.


I used to be, but now? Not so much. :/ I actually do feel a bit sorry for the younger people. I don't know if they have romance as I felt it to be any more. It seems so superficial and transactional.

Maybe it always was, but I definitely enjoyed the illusion of it.


I probably used to be more openly romantic, I mean I was a US Army cavalry trooper. What but some crazy, nostalgic, romantic idealism would lead one to that career choice? The only aspect of that that was realized in the actual job was the crazy part, by the way.

I have long sense become more jaded and accepted that when I allow my romantic nature to rule over reason, I'm going to get hurt and become even more jaded.

There are a few things I'm very passionate about. I am not the most outwardly demonstrative person in that respect, but just because they aren't apparent doesn't mean the feelings aren't there.

JimG Level 8 Sep 8, 2018

@TheAstroChuck nothing to lose there, I guess.


Want to see me get passionate? Just mention the President, the oil companies, and the Republican-controlled Congress in one breath.


I seem to be full of passion. I work to quell it though as it gets intense for others. I don't like making others around me uncomfortable or scared and I've done both plenty when confused, as the need for understanding is a passion.


I am passionate about the things i'm passionate about ?. I am tactile with a partner (and with other humans when i judge it to be appropriate). Small intimate gestures; the huge, ostentatious romantic gesture is not for me (giving or receiving).


I am definitely romantic, but also becoming a cynic.

That makes me me. 🙂

Me too.


I am passionate about things that interest me.

I want romance. But never have responded to it in a comfortable matter. I like doing small things for someone I am with to show I care and I want that in return. That is romance to me. Although the occasional big gesture is fun.


I was romantic when I was younger, but that's pretty much a thing of the past. As I get older, I get more and more passionate about issues. My last years working I advocated for veterans and minority students on our campus Because I was tenured and at the top of the promotion ladder I was bullet-proof. I could (and did) say things that my junior colleagues couldn't have gotten away with. My vets used to call me either their campus mom or a bulldog. I took both as compliments.


I think I can be passionate, but I fail at romance.


Yes. Both sexual and non.


I am romantic and passionate. I enjoy planning a special occasion, date, anniversary, trip... so many excuses to be creative and romantic.
Passionate in a nonsexual way and perhaps not relationship related, would be talking about touchy subjects; topics that interests me. I can be passionate defending them or educating about them.


I used to be but I think life has either beat some of it out of me, or more sense into me.

@TheAstroChuck yeah and part of it is intentional work I've done on myself to keep some of my hotter tempers and passions at bay. So I can't really claim it's all negative to have lost some passion.


I believe I am a hopeless romantic. Sexual or non sexual... I'm passionate.


I am probably considered overly romantic, affectionate and passionate. I would say that I have my match in that my boyfriend is the same way. We are not afraid to hold back on any level.


Not anymore.


I am a romantic, for sure. I love the longing of a dream to come true.

For example, today on the radio, I heard "Harvest Moon" by Neil Young, and I remember years ago listening to that song, over and over again, when I was lonely in my marriage, and dreaming of some stranger I'd meet someday who I'd get to know well enough that he would say those kinds of things to me on a full moon night. The romantic notion had nothing to do with sex, just wishing someone to love me, the real me, and say something tender to show it.

Sure enough years later, I did meet someone who fit the persona I had envisioned, with that song, and we did have a long relationship, but he never really came true for me. We fought every time there was a full moon, never could just enjoy it together. A little thing, but he let me down with my romantic notions about dancing in the moonlight, etc.

He couldn't just be but was always scheming and going off somewhere else with other women and not telling me. So, he ended up being a lying cheat, not the romantic fella I had envisioned. Haha!

Oh well, even though that dreamy scenario never really came true, I'm glad I had the chance to almost experience it - so close - and to realize romance is just a figment of my imagination.

I still am a romantic, and though I'm not in a hurry to get into another relationship at this time, I believe I will be a romantic in my heart until my dying day. I don't think I'd feel alive if I didn't have a little romance in me. (Of course, I see romance played out every day in my work as a wedding officiant, so that keeps romance fresh in my mind.)

Someone special to just sit and enjoy it quietly would be nice, instead of fighting, but I'm learning the best way to enjoy it quietly is by myself or with my girlfriends. We usually gather on the beach and enjoy the moonlit night chatting. My app shows the full Harvest Moon is Monday Sept 24th here in Hawaii. I love watching the full moon rise up over the ocean looking east, it's so red/orange just after the sun sets, then slowly changes color to golden, then silver when it's high. Love it!

@TheAstroChuck Interesting. I just checked and while my moon usually rises about ~50 later each day as you say, which I did know, during that 3 day period, it gets closer to 37 minutes later instead, where I am, maybe closer to the equator makes a difference?

I don't know, but in any case, the Moon rising is beautiful, no matter what it's named each month. And it will always make me a bit wistful to have someone special to share it with, but experience tells me just to enjoy it myself, rather than with someone angry and untrue. At least now that I know my romantic fantasy was just wishful thinking and not likely to become reality.

We were only talking about romantic notions, and this idea of sharing a full moon was one of my romantic notions. That's not to say this fella didn't make romantic gestures at other times, nor that I tried my hand at romantic gestures that failed as well.


I think it depends on how one defines "romantic".

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