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Teleportation or time travel?

Which would you choose if possible?

BoingoOingo42 7 Sep 8

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Time Travel.


Neither. We live on a ball moving at approx. 1,000 miles per hour. At 6 AM, I am moving towards the sun at 1,000 MPH. I decide to teleport to Thailand (12 time zones from me). Thailand is moving away from the sun at 1,000 MPH. One would be a splot of goo. Time Travel -- one factor never mentioned is simliar to teleportation. We move around the sun and our sun is moving around the center of our galaxy. If I went back or forward 1 day, I'd be in space.

True, that is an issue, unless you factor the movement of the Earth in and tether yourself to it, perhaps via gravitational pull.


I found this to be a lot more difficult to answer than I expected... My knee jerk response was time travel, so I could revisit people who I have missed greatly, since their deaths, but... ARE time paradoxes a thing? Also, there are MANY times that teleporting would come in handy, but... ultimately, I would miss the journeys...

Zster Level 8 Sep 9, 2018



Time travel to go back a minute before you wrote this question and unplug your computer or hide your phone (Whatever you used) and then I would not see this posting which would prevent me from knowing that I should be typing this response to begin with !! See the famous paradox?


Teleportation. Always some other place I'd rather be.


Hmm teleportation, I would be able to travel anywhere in the world! Time travel, I would be able to change some things in my past and see history happen! I can't decide! I will think about it and get back! Great question!


They are the same thing

I was thinking one was travel through space in the same time and the other through time in the same space.

@BoingoOingo42 Blinking into Paris from Chicago as we move into the next second, you are still traveling through time. You are traveling space and time right now.

Fair enough.


Teleportation. Because the beach. Because cutting out travel time is increasing sleep time.

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