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Okay. I get on site, see pretty lady, try to message her and discover I need to be Level 2. It that is not proof that there is no God, I don't know what is.

Dickie 3 Jan 22

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Somehow I am now level 2. I got 190 points without ever logging back on. Maybe there isn't a God after all.

Congratulations @Dickie!




You have to wait to get to level 2 to find out... won't you?


Maybe it is proof there is, and you're being punished. And now that you've been punished and are full of doubt, you might as well start a church.


Well, even if you did I don't think she'd take you up on account of the fact that the way you type is on par with a spam bot.

Really? AxeElf was at least clever with his cut. Your little cut reflects more on your character than it does my verbal skills.


Won't take long just make a few comments, like some post level 2 comes quickly.


Fill in your profile. Or would that be a little one sided. lol


points grow while you're sleeping

That is true. As long as you have an intriguing post up and people keep commenting.


Level 2 doesn't require much at all. Jump right in there and make yourself known. Just a few posts and some responses and level 2 just pops right up.


Well, gotta keep the trolls and bots at bay somehow. Jump in a discussion or two, get to know the community a little better, you'll be level 2 in no time.


Just keep commenting on random posts that doesn't make you look like a bot and you will be good. 🙂


Good sense of humor-you can get to Level 2 now by completing bio and profile I hear.


Here, I am shamelessly commenting on my own post to get points. Feel like an idiot.

That only got me two points. yeah, I don't think this is going to work for me. Some Godless person thought this whole site up...

@Dickie -- No, but you are displaying a high level of impatience, my friend.

Ha, ha, ha,! Start writing, laughing and enjoy your way to level 2. This is a wonderful community of freethinkers and godless people. I've enjoyed the site so far. It will set you free.

Patience is not one of my virtues.

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