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Although l was raised Baptist and went to every church srvice/bible study there was (because my parents made me go), as soon as l didn't live at home any more (and could choose for myself), l never went back. I grew up knowing something was wrong with what l was being forced to digest. And l still feel the same way today.

As a parent, l have never forced any beliefs on my children. I didn't teach them about 'god' and yet they still learned of it (through school and their never ending push towards christianity). Even so, they never sought it out or went along with what the majority of people around them were saying. They've made their own judgements and are happy just the way they are. Which is exactly how l hoped they would be.

Not beaten down. Not indoctrinated. Not living in fear.

As it should be...

Free_2B_Me 7 Jan 22

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I tried and tried to rationalize the whole god and religion belief system I was brought up to view as fact. For most of my forties I really began to have a problem with it finally while researching something else I found out that most religions are but parables based on astronomical observations of the ancients and dozens of religions have the same story of christianity yet predate it by thousands of years. Then it all made sense. How liberating! I see life in a whole new way and intend to enjoy what's left because it's all we get.


I don't have kids of my own, not do I want them. I have three nieces though. It saddens me to know that they are forced to go to church, and I'm "not allowed to fill their heads with atheist lies."


I did not learn as soon as you did but when my kids began to ask the questions that I once asked and I could not answer them as no one could answer me, we stopped going. I don't know what they choose to believe now. They are all hard working, independent and smart university students... what they believe is their business and not mine.


Go Mom. Letting your kids find their own way.


Well Done Mother.... Well Done.


I was raised Catholic and questioned everything. I hated going and often got spanked for not paying attention. I stopped going while I was still living with my parents. I didn't raise my kids with any religion either. My son (soon to be 19) is Atheist and my daughter (14) has told me she believes in God but she doesn't go to church.


Your story sounds very much like mine!


I am trying to do that very thing.


Good for You!


Living in fear isn't fun. I was indoctrinated. It wasn't good for me and I'm glad my children are in public school.

MikeJ Level 4 Jan 23, 2018

really good for you

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