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Profile pictures, people! You have smart phones, otherwise you wouldn't be here... okay, fine, I suppose there may be some savages amongst us, but still. Your little ghost avatars are freaking me out. Let's see some faces, ladies and gentlemen, doubters and unbelievers! Get to it. I give you 48 hours...

DobbinPitch 6 Jan 23

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ha, I do have an actual photo in my profile, my profile image is less offensive though. I can't use a smart phone, I am a Luddite on my laptop, and I don't have a real name, not one that I identify with more than any others. I have a different name most places I go. My birth family know me by a different name than what my kids do.


How about your real name too?

How do you know who the picture is really?

Does it really matter?

I regenerate every 48 hours anyway.

I have a headache now.

Nursey, are my meds ready yet?



Are you telling me what to do with MY face/image?


I have tried to upload a pic innumerable times, 1st one the web site. And then with the app, to no avail.


Did you ever consider they might be wanted by the law? trying to put people at risk?


Call me a savage. I have a smart phone from my late partner. I don't have good coverage at my home and don't have a contract. I use it off island only for calls and games. It's workings are a mystery to me and I don't care!!



Perhaps it will calm your amygdala down a bit if you look at the bigger picture, no pun intended. The comments here should help.


Sorry, mate, I've tried selfies on these Android devices, and as someone said in another post somewhere on this site, it ain't pretty. I do like the Clooney one below; maybe I'll do something like that, OK?




We all do what we're comfortable with ... the end.


Ok here you go,don't tell anyone though

You take a very nice picture "Vince". πŸ™‚ hehehe

Ha ha

Yes just took it ,luckily I had a comb handy,I was looking a bit of a mess


Negative. I am not here for dating, so it shouldn't matter.

I hate being treated any kind of way based on my looks (and not because I'm treated poorly, either!). I've always wanted to be invisible, and online is the only place manage it.

Finally, people have to respond to me solely on the basis of my words and the merit or character contained there in. Dream come true.

Can I get an AMEN!!!! πŸ˜‰

I agree.


Photos, especially if used elsewhere, could compromise a member’s identity if used to search outside this protective, protected site.

When I did online dating for a few years (Match, Nerve) I met many women who didn’t put up photos. The only in-person appearances I remember being disappointing were of people who didn’t resemble their photos, not of those with no photos.


For the ones interested in dating photos are important. For the rest of us, it's optional.

Betty Level 7 Jan 23, 2018

Unless someone has a fascination with Betty Boop


Yes sir. LOL. You make a good point. If you are interested in meeting people an avatar can be a deterrent. I'm meeting someone long distance this week and he had pics.



or what, you'll leave?

SamL Level 7 Jan 23, 2018

Lol nah. You guys'll have to vote me off the island before I leave

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