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QUESTION Alaska earthquake today: Tsunami warning issued after 8.2 tremors strike off US coast | The Independent

If you’re in the Alaska area, please sound off so we know you’re safe.

IndySent 7 Jan 23

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This is just the beginning of what’s to in 2018.


I actually slept through the earthquake lol
The tsunami warning was what the real freak out was about. We are no strangers to quakes.


All good here! Half the town bugged out to higher ground.


Many years ago I was speaking at a conference in Ocean Shores Washington, when they had that huge earthquake in Peru. We were warned that at some point in the next half hour we may be asked to leave and head for higher ground. That was half way through my talk. Needless to say, the talk went on as scheduled.


I was watching on the news about 4 AM... it was the news.


Thats crazy, had a delivery today the truck driver was telling me. He had asked where I moved from said Southern California then he told me about this.


Updated reports say the earthquake was 7.9 magnitude (because the Richter scale is logarithmic rather than linear, 7.9 is about HALF of an 8.2). Some areas reported waves about 3 feet higher than normal, which is almost nothing (for comparison, parts of British Columbia reported 60-foot waves from a storm over the weekend).

7.9 still very large...




It's 11:57 am here so I guess it's past-watching MSNBC News all morning



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