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"George Bush says he speaks to god every day, and Christians love him for it. If George Bush said he spoke to god through his hair dryer, they would think he was mad. I fail to see how the addition of a hair dryer makes it any more absurd.".

Sam Harris

Happy Tuesday all! Wine with a pal last night so shuffling slowly into my day... 😀

Knitfreak 7 Jan 23

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I chose NOT to bank at Great Western Bank because it has the same initial as George Bush. Does that say anything for how I feel about Georgie.


Most christian people speak to god like a third party. God also answers them.... That's the spooky part.


Hehe, I remember that classic quote. It is sad how it will fly over some peoples heads.

I've always liked: "People have been murdered over cartoons. End of moral analysis."


So, what kind of wine ?
I'm thinking about sipping some pinot noir tonight!! 😉

It was something light red... I did not even look at the bottle... it was that kind of monday... guessing a french pinot noir by the lightness... not a heavy cali wine.


Which George Bush?

I'm guessing it was the second... I did not look it up... The first one had a clue...

I didn't like either George or the other one that ran. Wasn't his name Idjit whiner little bitch or something.

Met George- CIA Director at my College Graduation.


I served under G.H.W.B. , was it him , or Bush 43 that said this ? I've experimented with Pantheism , so the hairdryer thing could be a meteor , but I don't worship them though , & neither should anyone else .

Dougy Level 7 Jan 23, 2018

I'd only start to worry if God answered him back.

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