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Trump's latest executive order shatters Johnson Amendment.
Now Churches can support political candidates.
What happened to Division of Church and State?

sassygirl3869 9 Jan 23

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He has made a lot of executive orders including this one. But I have heard little from FFRF or the Humanist expressing concern this one is any different than all the previous ones. He still hasn't figured out how the system works and I don't think he has the brains (they are about as small as his 'hands'πŸ˜‰ to ever do so.


Jeebus Christopher


Well he's searching for more backup...


How does the President have the unilateral power to do that? I hope the courts block him.


I am furious about this!


trump is such a fucking idiot who I don't think cares how he becomes famous.


wikipedia says the repeal effort didnt actually work.

I am not really sure where the truth is on this one.


I gave him the benefit of the doubt for a year. I never claimed to like him, but I abstained from complaining about him. There was more than enough of it for my liking. This for me, however, is the proverbial straw. I'll still defend him when he does something I think is correct, just like I did Obama, but I'll criticize him now. I gave him a chance.


Separation of church and state only is applied by who's in office. If they're real religious then there is no separation if they lack religion then I'm sure it would be very separated.


Not good at all. The GOP knows exactly what they are doing.


"β€œThe tax bill threatens the integrity of our elections and all of our tax-exempt organizations," Maggie Garrett, the legislative director for Americans United for Separation of Church and State, said in an emailed statement. "No one wants to turn our charitable nonprofits, houses of worship and foundations into political campaign tools."*

This provision, Adam Bozzi of End Citizens United explained to Salon, would create "a gaping loophole in our campaign finance system." Bozzi explained it could "allow a big political donor who wants to make a contribution through the back door to give to a church, which could then endorse a candidate and engage in electioneering."

To make it even worse, the tax-exempt status of churches and charities means that any millionaire or billionaire who funneled political spending through such a group could then turn around and claim that donation as a tax write-off. Money given to a pastor in order to buy his endorsement wouldn't look any different on paper than money given to a church for its charitable work or other legitimate purposes. Republicans are creating a loophole that will allow rich people to shelter political donations from taxes while influencing election campaigns in total secrecy."*

Religious money laundering.

@Paul628 Exactly!


It was always imaginary anyway (501, c3, 1023) (6, 6, 6), and now it is just out in the open, not even being used for cover anymore


Time for @Akfishlady 's atheist church... Fight fire with fire?


It will be up to a group to challenge via the courts. I would say if you can donate and preach to get you church members to vote your way the church should lose the tax exempt statis. I know dream on.

Actually, you are right. FFRF sued the IRS twice and won both times. The church cannot politicize (Johnson amendment) and keep their tax free status. It has yet to be applied, though. And just recently again FFRF sued and got the tax exempt housing allowence for ministers removed. This is on appeal.

These things are happening which is why I keep touting for people to log onto or even join FFRF and the Humanist groups.


45 is pandering again.

@SACatWalker You are 100% correct.

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