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Who else plays D&D?

jayneonacobb 7 Jan 23

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Almost weekly dnd scene is pretty lame in my small town


Multiple times a week, mostly household though,
4 different campaigns going at the moment..

Kodi Level 4 Feb 1, 2018

Wow, the nerd force is strong with us! I DM and play almost weekly.



Really enjoy it.


I don't but we have monthly sessions here, doesn't matter if some of the guys are overseas, they Skype it. Nerds.


I played the pen and paper version twice when I was a kid. Loved it! Unfortunately, my friend who introduced me to it was trying to leave the nerd life in favor of the metal life. Always wanted to play more though.

I found the online MMORPG recently and play that occasionally. I think it is called DDO (Dungeons and Dragons Online) and is a minor competitor of World of Warcraft.


Have not played i eons. I did have a pair of 10 sided and 16 sided dice, miss laid them though. We did a lot of AD&D but this was back in the 1980`s


Been a while here also. Used to be a DM.


Further to previous comment, haven't played since 1987 , the year I moved, but used to drink home brewed beer, proper good|


I haven't played in years, but I'd like find a local game and start back up again.

Gohan Level 7 Jan 23, 2018

Same here. My DM had all the maps of Fearun and we did 2nd Edition Open World - it was awesome. Loved the game and it's provacation for critical thinking.


I used to a long time ago. Would tend to blend fantasy and sci-fi in my campaigns.


not since 1987, now my son has all my old figures and manuals, etc. original gary


Yep. Huge nerd here.

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