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QUESTION Dysfunctional Patterns & Relationships

Many of us have patterns that we repeat in either personal or professional relationships. This clip gives us some tips on how to break those patterns.

Do you have a dysfunctional pattern or relationship?

BeeHappy 9 Jan 24

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yep, the patterns repeat until you learn and move on to the next set


Hell those patterns were all I knew as a kid growin' up with two legal drug abusers. An alky and a nicotine addict.
It's taken me an adult lifetime to unlearn them, and I still gotta work at it to not mindfuck myself when those old tapes start to play.


I kept marrying/having relationships with alcoholics/drug addicts. I broke the pattern 8 years ago.

That's a tough one, good for you!


No patterns here. None. Nope nope. <at this stage, March of the Clowns begins playing in the background as I start ducking rotten tomatoes>


Have a conversions with you self when you do error. Point out the error and commit to a solution in you head. Try to reflect on the way you felt when that happened to yourself. I have dealt with this myself. Have to remember that we all make mistakes, even the best of the best do error. Think of a skilled pilot even they occasionally mess up.


Is a man who had a secret affair with his wife's younger sister to be taken seriously? See following link.

James Joyce referred to both Freud and Jung (some say aptly) as the Viennese Tweedledee and the Swiss Tweedledum.

he starts using freud's term but the advice is his


You have now entered the "Discomfort Zone" (play spooky music).

Yep, most of us probably feel the same. 🙂


I fix things, I solve problems, I give up so much time to help,
but I don't say the rights things, don't buy flowers, chocolates, rings and such,
therefore I don't love them.

Sometimes all the things you do do work for some people. And some people need more of the other things. And some people are somewhere in between.

I didn't realize that I needed any verbal affection until I went three years without it.

That sounds familiar.. Being raised out of the box no doubt allowed me to avoid religion, but there are numerous other ‘social norms’ I’ve avoided, too … like flowers, candy, public affection or birthday extravaganzas.. I like rings, though 😉


I am what I am... too well set and comfortable with me as I am. I learned one big difference between Men and Women. "A woman marries a man thinking she can change the man once is married to more to her liking" "A man marries a woman thinking she is going to stay the same and not change at all after married" And that is why Divorce is such a needed tool.

There are also those who think that having shackled a partner think they can just rest on their laurels.

@FrayedBear It takes a lot of work and better yet common sense until it doesn't work anymore. A trophy wife is not expected to get old for example.

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