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I heard one of the most pull it out of your a** answers today in a long time. So I got stopped by a missionary as I was coming back from checking my mail. They warned me that the world was ending soon. I said,” I thought the world was supposed to end back in May 23, 2011.” Lmfao at what they said next. “The reason why the world haven’t ended yet is cause god is waiting for the very last person to get saved.” If that isn’t one of the most ridiculous answers then I don’t know what is. It’s pretty much a manipulative way to try to easy your way out of answering the question to make up why the lord scent come back yet. It still would not make any sense. If God was waiting for the last person to get saved, so what is the point to keep allowing people to be born, whom you know will already be going to hell just so you can wait for that one specific person to be born that’s supposed to get saved. No answe I could get from them then.

EmeraldJewel 7 Jan 24

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Well hell, in that case, by that man's logic, no ending is in site. Not everyone is going to fall in line. He should have known better than that.

AmyLF Level 7 Jan 25, 2018

This is wrong, but I’ve gotten to the point where I cannot deal anymore with these people’s logic. I’m to the point I barely want to be around religious people at all.


"What if the world has already ended, and this is hell?"

I wouldn't really say that, but I wonder what their reaction would be?

Ha they probably wouldn’t know what to say.


Now thats pretty over the top obsurd and hilarious

Desperation at its finest.


My response is again.


Also, by this person's "logic" we could postpone the biblical end indefinitely ... just find that last person and keep them 'unsaved'.


Just how many babies were born just a second after he said that?

Millions, I reckon. Ha ha ha! That’s a lot of future souls going to hell.


Well, with the growing population, everyone can't literally be saved. Missionaries are annoying to me.

Lol yes they are very annoying.


That also gets a really easy response: "So as long as I don't get saved, I keep saving the world from ending? Yay, I'm a hero!"

Yes...and no, unfortunately because then all they would say is,” well...god is waiting for a specific person to get saved.”

@EmeraldJewel Exactly! Good on ya!


Don't you know every time the world ends NASA and the government cover it up ???

Please, please get that on a t-shirt or start a meme of it.


It's amazing how people allow themselves to accept things that take mental gymnastics to believe. Believing in God is bad enough but claiming, I know the plains of this invisible man in the sky brings an entirely new level of insanity to the equation.


So by refusing to be saved, you're doing everyone a favour and preventing the world from ending.

Keep up the good work!

Never knew us sinful humans had so much control over god. Lmfao!!!


These people are deluded.


Wow Emerald.... There sure are a lot of pro religious attacks on you. Where do you live. I'm glad your able to through it back at them.

Currently in OK, but I’m going to be moving in about three months somewhere else. More than likely, it will be Seattle. One of the least religious states. I like it and want it that way.

@EmeraldJewel. Well alrighty...


Their delusion is ridiculous! I was thinking the same as i read your post: then what is the point to keep allowing babies to be born...


Your a lot nicer than I am. I would have reacted with a more vicious response. I like to make them wish they never approached me.

I slammed the door in one missionary face after I told them to go fuck off.

@EmeraldJewel LMAO That's awesome. That's what they deserve.


If God's holding off the end of the world until the last person is saved, we can force Him to postpone it indefinitely by simply refusing to be saved and doing whatever we like rather than what He wants us to do.

Wahey! Parrrrrrrrtay!

Jnei Level 8 Jan 24, 2018

Lmfao I like that!

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