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QUESTION The biggest cover-up in human history (literally) Books of Revelation

The science of palimpsests is a newly emerging science that uses modern technology to reveal hidden texts in age old writings especially those that were written on parchment. A lot of Christian texts were written over texts some of which were older versions of the religion or even century’s old manuscripts. To me it shows that a lot of things in the bible evolved from the original and are not true to the original texts. We had a discussion on the errancy of the bible due to translations or revisions and this is another example of biblical propaganda.

In his poem “Endymion,” based on a Greek myth about a shepherd beloved by the moon goddess Selene, John Keats paid tribute to the enduring power of superior works of art. “A thing of beauty is a joy for ever,” he wrote. “Its loveliness increases; it will never / Pass into nothingness.” Surely to uncover lost poetry from an ancient civilization from which we draw so many of our literary traditions is as exciting as unearthing any material treasure.

And this promise reaches beyond aesthetics. When classical Greek literature was rediscovered during the European Renaissance, it remade Western civilization, and planted seeds that still shape our lives today: Thomas Jefferson’s ideas about the pursuit of happiness were sparked by the Greek philosophers; suffragists were inspired by Euripides’ heroine Medea. Like finding an old photograph of a long-dead relative, discovering a lost piece of text can help us glimpse ourselves in the people who came before us.

With a degree in history and graduate work in Records Management which includes archives I find this sort of story amazing.

JackPedigo 9 Jan 24

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The advancement of these studies will no doubt reveal things completely unknown or only heard of in reference. I do hope this work proceeds apace. I had heard of similar techniques being used to reveal the reuse of canvas materials as well.


I loved many things that I questioned way back when, no science answering thanks for sharing.


That was fun, I've read several pieces on the sources of the books of the Bible and am more than willing to keep an open mind. The Dead Sea Scrolls, Nag Hammadi Scrolls,etc. are either sources that point to the verasity of the 'Bible' or for us skeptics, free thinkers, etc. confirm nothing or show the holes in the man in the clouds. I enjoy archeology and new discoveries from our earliest ancesters is facinating.


John, not John the Baptist but John wrote Revelations. I think he spent approximately 2 months on an uninhabited island. He was a religious extremest. John went into a fast. During that fast, he wrote Revelations. I had a friend who fasted for 3 weeks once. She wound up in a Greek mental hospital, gone for 9 months. She said she ask the staff what she did while she was gone. They told her she sang a lot. She swears she was abducted by aliens. Either way, is not much consequence. Back to John. I have read Revelations. It is at best mostly symbolism. As far as I am concerned, I think Revelations would only mean anything to John, the crazy man who wrote the book.

I have come to pretty much the same conclusion about Revelations. As to fasting, for true religious experiences it's hard to be. LOL

Also seemed like belladonna was a part of his "vision", also. Of course, that may just be me!


What I find fascinating is the stories in the Bible that were lifted from previous cultures and incorporated as original stories to the Bible. Stories such as the Ten Commandments and Noahs Ark are just two that come to mind off hand.

That has been ongoing from the very beginning. If a religion can't cope with a culture because it is so ingrained the religion will incorporate it within it's own dogma.

@JackPedigo Very true, Christians have incorpoerated and usurped numerous stories and holidays other cultures and religions that both pre-dated the Bible and concurrent.

@misstuffy My late partner was from Iran. The biggest holiday there is their new Year's, No-Ruz) which takes place on the first day of Spring. The religious controlled government can't get rid of that holiday which is secular so they have added some religious messages in the holiday. It happens to all the religions.


Actually, Revelations as it turns out was a first century rant by an irate citizen predicting the fall of the empire. See Pagel, et. al. It does not predict the end times and never was intended to.

If someone can gain from something they will do so and the religionists gain from instilling fear in it's followers.

The poor Chrisitans expecting and even working for an End of TImes Scenario to happen will be so apopcalypse for them!

The problem is, with many Dominionists & other fundamentalists actively seeking the "end times", they may inadvertently (or deliberately) bring them about. Why look for a real peace in the Middle East when you are looking forward to Armageddon?


I have read about over written texts. It makes a lot of sense because paper was a scarce resource.


Nice post. It is amazing. I was a history major in college, and love the arts. You should look at my meager web page.


Very nice. So you were interested in art history. I am not a poetry buff but my late partner was Iranian and poetry in ingrained in their culture. I still have her books (in Farsi) from Haffez and Rumi.

One of her favorite poems I read at her memorial.


This is generally what I am led to believe,especially to the biblical Jesus.
A lot of Christian texts were written over texts some of which were older versions of the religion or even century’s old manuscripts. To me it shows that a lot of things in the bible evolved from the original and are not true to the original texts.


I guess I don't see how someone reusing parchment proves anything about what is currently on that parchment. It could have been literally anything on the parchment before the bible was written on it.

That's what the article was about. Now, with technology we can know what was on the parchments and it has been found that sometimes there have been as many as four previous writings.


Can you cite a researcher who has done this amazing work?

The names of researchers were in the article.


What is perplexing how many other thing the vatican and other controlling interest altered documents in order to control people.


Just nonsense. (IMHO)

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