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What is your browsing strategy on

I am curious how people browse on Do you just follow the "All" feed, or do you typically aim for specific topics?

What works best for you?

tsjames 7 Jan 24

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So much of this stuff turns me OFF. All the naked crap. Goddess, go find a sexual site, please. The smarts are not flowing here.....


I just answer questions on the main page really.


I do both. If there is nothing that interests me in the "All" feed down the center, I glance over at the "similar" topics. From there, I check the categories.


I have none. This is my only chance to be totally random and feel good about it.


I just scan for things that might be interesting in the feed, or browse a topic I am interested in.


all feed and search through what interest me


I usually do the all feed. I have chosen specific topics in the past but time is a factor.


I check out my notifications, then check the new conversations. I make replies where needed or where I wanna. I check my numbers, and then generally it is time to go to work or time for bed.


I like the all feed as it has a quirk factor, the unexpected topics and the usual expected ones too, I find it interesting and a good thought provoker.


Laissez faire. Follow people who say things that cause me to engage and otherwise just surf the recent posts.


First I check what comments, my posts have received and answer or acknowledge them with a like, then I check any new posts since last time I was on.

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