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LINK Cannabis coke

Would you partake?
Personally I don't drink soda.

Akfishlady 8 Sep 18

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I liked their original idea better.

@Akfishlady If you're going to add a drug.


A reason to start


I don't drink carbonated beverages, no champagne, beer, soda, or other fizzy drinks. So none for me, thanks.


CBD (cannabidiol) is not Marijuana. It's THC content is less than 1% whereas Marijuana has something like a 22% THC content. The only high one is like to get from drinking Cannabis coke, would be from the vast quantities of sugar found in Coke. There are better, healthier ways to use CBD.

@Akfishlady Yep I agree. GW Pharmaceuticals have been 'granted' (FDA) permission to produce a CBD product that targets two health conditions (can't recall the names of those conditions right now). GW are now going after companies that sell CBD products that use the term CBD in their products. It has already started.


No thanks




I probably would. I find pot cookies help me sleep well. HOWEVER ... having "cooked" with cannabis, I know it is oil soluable, not water soluable, so how are they going to get it into a coke?? Just curious.

What is oil soluble? THC? I imagine they're going to brew it in some way.


I'd try it. I've been drinking mezcal for years and haven't experienced the hallucinations I've heard others claim to have from it.


its healthier than smoking it

Soon, they'll be smoking meats with it. It's probably already happening. Pot-smoked Thanksgiving turkey. 😛

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