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One of my best friends is very religious. She's a teacher's aide.
This is an excerpt from something she just posted on Facebook:

"We were short staffed today in our classroom and our students were on their best behavior. That was all God because I prayed over them at 4am. He never fails!"

I want to ask her if the students have free will. If God MADE them behave, were they not in control of themselves?


carlyhorton 7 Jan 25

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Silly girl...tricks are for kids.


Count the hits and ignore the misses?


Well positive expectations have been scientifically shown to improve the behavior and test scores of both humans and lab animals.Energy is real, even if one doesn't have religious belief.


Sadly I find that expressing my atheistness (that is a word I just invented) to religious people suddenly I am not a good person and I don,t get to be a real friend anymore......its very sad.......pathetic actually


Humans made children, god made Ritalin.



True that..I get that crap all the time because I am a cancer survivor..Oh god cured you, you're sooo Blessed..I just say..No I did, with the help of my doctors..

That drives me crazy too! Didn't it have to be god who you the cancer in the first place? Wasn't that part of his plan? Why would god give you cancer just to take it away? Oh wait, he was TESTING you..... It's so frustrating.

@carlyhorton.. exactly Carly, so I guess I passed his insidious plan. And what part was the blessing , the cancer or the cure?

@Charlene Great question! And, I'm glad you and your doctors beat the cancer!

me too!! Sure beats the other out come.lolol


Sighhhhh .....

So ... maybe if she prayed every morning, they'd be on perfect behavior every day? I sympathize with you, but it's an entry into circular thinking that will never get you anywhere but more frustrated.

I'm hoping that at least she works in a private school?

I was just telling @astrochuck that she's never like this when it's just the two of us, so I hope she knows when to turn it off. She's at a public school, but not the one where I work.

@carlyhorton, that's interesting that she's never like that with you! Perhaps she believes it's the "approved" way to behave in society so she keeps that facade up in public, or at least on social media? Which is really pretty sad.

@Lauren Her Facebook friends are her family and close friends with whom she has common ground. Maybe she's different with me out of respect for my (non)beliefs? Maybe she doesn't want to be challenged? Or maybe she just wants to avoid anything that would ruin our friendship? I guess I take it as a sign that she knows how "churchy" to be with different audiences. Which, I suppose, is a good thing. Thankfully, she doesn't post syrupy memes. Those are the worst 😀


Well intended, but senseless magical thinking.

Yeah, it's eye-rolling, but most of her stuff is pretty benign.


The farce is strong with this one.


I am most struck by the "He never fails!" part. I would bet there is a mom in Kentucky, who was on the phone with her daughter while her daughter died from being shot, is probably not singing his praises about "never failing." Wait, wait, in 3, 2, 1 -- who are we to question his ways, right?

it’s like “god never gives us more than we can handle.” Then why do people commit suicide?

Oh, @carlyhorton, I so agree! I vehemently HATE that expression! If it's so, then I wish God had made me a weak simpleton who didn't have to deal with all these tests of strength.


Damn... wish I was in that class.

Tomas Level 7 Jan 25, 2018

Well there exists an inherent logical fallacy in that God can't be all knowing and we have free will. If God already knows what we're all going to do then it's predetermined. But, the religious will always try to figure out a way to say that it's not a fallacy. It's the same damned thing. If someone does something right then it's God's will if they do something wrong it's the devil's influence. An extreme lack of personal accountability.


She's too delusional to be allowed around children. I wouldn't want her anywhere near me, or the kids in my care.


You should ask her that and watch her head explode. 😀

If I heard someone else say it, I would 🙂. I just can’t do that to her...


What can you do but shake your head? That's how they are, right?

Yup. And she’s such a nice person, I just shrug it off.

@carlyhorton to me, it's not worth trashing a friendship over such things if you genuinely like the person.


She can not help it she is programed to think that way. If you tell her that was the wrong way she would give some sort of argument bible based, again brainwashing she can not help it.


If one didn't behave, would she have thought that one possessed of the devil? Thinking like this bothers me 😟

When things go well, god is great. When things don't go well, god is great but is testing you. It's a one-size-fits-all answer.

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