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Good thing I haven't driven the last few days...


Only if they drive.


i barely sleep, but i think i am no danger to anyone on the road because i do not drive.



I think the last time I slept that long I was under anesthesia.


I think distracted driving is a more frequent cause of auto accidents.


I sleep 4 hours tops ......IF I'm lucky, but I don't drive either.


My best friend does this all the time - she'll often go a week or so only getting a couple of hours sleep a night and although she's an exceptionally good driver with a very accurate awareness of her skill behind the wheel and doesn't take risks, I do worry about her driving home from work at 11pm.

Jnei Level 8 Sep 19, 2018

I am the living proof that this is not happening ?I go 26-28 hrs often without any sleep .
Today , sense I did not worked last night , I woke up at 0600 .. not a nap yet .. will be in at hospital at 1900.. will get off around 0830 if lucky and will drive for an hr if lucky ( mostly an hr and half !) coffee will be the word . Trying to stay awake at " nobody moves / wait to go through the tunnel " is duable while listening YouTube / caching up on bill maher s latest or oldies .
When home , dogs will be walked and shower to be taken . Hopefully in bed by 1030..
wake up at 1500 and repeat ?

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