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What caused the migrant crisis from Africa?

What was one of the main reasons why there are now so many economic migrants from Sub-Saharan Africa?

Who caused this?

Why did they cause this when they were instructed not to?

Lancer 7 Jan 25

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Very terrible


canadian mining companies [and their displacement of people] for one and our f 18 s for two. Libya WAS the wealthiest country in africa [ and secular ruled] till we demolished it because ghaddafi started his own african bank

You are spot on friend. Libya was the dam holding back the flood of migrants and Tony Blair (even after being told of the horrible future) decided to destroy Libya and kill their civilians and soldiers.


Most of the western world is oblivious to what is, and has been happening in most of Africa. Aside from movies, there are few outlets that shed light.

Many, many African nations are in one form of civil war or another. Many of those nations have seen very little "peace" in the last 200 years. The reasons vary, sometimes it's political, sometimes tribal, and sometimes religious. Genocide and it's various other forms are not uncommon. Because of the lack of publicity of such matters, countries like this are also safe-havens for various organizations around the world that would prefer to stay out of sight.

Add to all of that there is widespread hunger, disease, and supplies are often scarce or just plainly withheld.

desperate people are dangerous people


There is a huge wealth disparity between most African nations and the Western world. You would fully expect a large percentage of people who have the means to get out of the African nations to do so. That's the same thing you see with people attempting to emigrate out of Central American nations.

BD66 Level 7 Jan 25, 2018

Isn't it because the developed world has been taking all their resources, while it keeps them in debt and poverty?


To a large extent, it is a matter of failed states and failed economies, growing overpopulation causing an increasing degradation of natural resources.


Considering living conditions in Africa are not to good with all the tribal wars and corrupt governments I imagine a lot of them are just looking for a better place to live. Others may be trying to escape persecution.


Think all the scammers moved from Nigeria to Ghana.

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