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Who is to blame for the government shutdown?

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RoboGraham 7 Jan 25

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Correct answer is - Congress .. and the over spending and over taxing.


As he said before, a weak president gets the government shut down.


Think about it, what is being debated? Whether to give children health insurance already in the budget and making a path for hard working non-criminals to be citizens after being here nearly all their life having no choice in the matter. Why are these two no-brainers being used as political weapons when both sides agree in principle to the solutions? Just so Trump can get a useless, racist wall?


Human nature, through the lens of partisanship, on the screen of America.

This show sucks. Who wants to sneak into a different theater with me?


Ultimately it is all of us for allowing this to happen...and get worse.

Trump, McConnell, their supportive GOP, the actual "fake news", Fox...and the masses who support them are complicit.

These are the far right conservative core who are supported by the very rich and very poor. A primary difference between them and everyone else is they vote.


I'm pretty sure that it was democrats that demanded the DACA be put on the table as a requirement for passing the budget. That would mean it was their agenda that blocked reaching a consensus. Beyond that I think the real problem is corrupt officals, always has been, always will be.


Eligible voters who choose not to vote.


I blame Trump's parents and Putin

well i just laughed so hard i shot coffee out my nose


Felt like I was voting against my own party here.. and apparently am the only one (so far) who feels the Dem’s are to blame for this round… Trump’s president because of continued illegal immigration. The Democrats are looking to reward it, further.. Trump and the R’s held their ground, I agree with them.

Varn Level 8 Jan 26, 2018

Again, none of the above would have been a good choice. Although the ultimate responsibility for the shutdown lands squarely in the GOP/Trump camp, it was actually a combination of several things which involved the Democrats as well. Hillary and Obama don't figure into it at all, but surely some of the responsibility also rests with McConnell. Missteps were taken by all, but Trump and his minions guide the direction in which the shutdown will affect the government.


There was a PLAN for the DACA with whatever else that was in play, and then there wasn't a PLAN all on the GOP down the tube it all went!



Ahh you beat me to it

@bingst it was not a joke... I was being serious!!!

@GipsyOfNewSpain You're killing me here. 😛

@bingst What you mean I am killing you? Prank call... Prank call... I don't know this gentleman... Prank call.


What better way to take a long weekend at the tax payers expense. Not as if it were a true protest they still get their wages just log jammed the normal process 3 days at the tax payers expence. What would they care they are all millionaires.


I voted GOP because this is the 4th government shutdown in the last 3 decades. All 4 occured when GOP controlled Congress.

The 2nd most culpable party would be corporate politics in general. GOP represents old money (e.g. oil). Democrats represent new money (e.g. green energy).

It would be nice if we could get an actual progressive candidate (I.e. rebuild infastructure which requires actually taxing corporations fairly; e.g. Sanders). The problem is corporate politics is regressive (for obvious reasons).

We’d need more than a progressive candidate, or president. We’d need a progressive nation … with a progressive House, Senate and Supreme Court.. ‘Bernie’ would have achieved less than Obama or HRC, and socialism in the US would have been set back decades. We’re not ready, or worthy…

@Varn We are ready. The problem is the DNC and GOP have a strangle hold on our system.


My vote would actually be the overwhelming movement toward a binary, no compromise, "please hold the nuance and give me a second helping of absolutism", and demogoguery that has begun to plague society, but news is largely responsible for that so indirectly radical media is to blame. PC police and hate speech don't help either.

Exactly the reason I emphasize progressivism. In the US, liberal vs conservative is broken. Collectively they are a pair of toddlers arguing over whether a series of light switches should be on or off. Rather than helping people, they spend all their time bickering and trying to turn the switches to their desired position.

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