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What is the best way to get a lot of comments on a post? Asking for an imaginary friend.

Rudy1962 9 Sep 21

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is that the goal? getting comments?

how about expressing yourself sincerely on any topic that interests you? maybe someone else will find your post interesting and maybe even comment.


no. The goal is to get comments and points..........

@Rudy1962 yes, i got that by extension. so... the reason for the points is to reward participation and helping the site grow. that's backwards from the reason for participation being to get the points. that makes participation kind of pointless, doesn't it?


@genessa well yah, but everything can be broken down and made pointless

@Rudy1962 if you want to. the question is, why would anyone want to?



Perhaps if you asked a different one of your imaginary friends, they might have something to suggest...

Good idea


Write interesting remarks or questions in ou post. Interestign does include controversial remarks and questions.

For me, a question I put up almost a yer ago still gets responses. The question was/is "Should public nudity be legal?" I furthered explained the question... but it seems nto everyoen reads more than the intial part of a question.


Sometimes I get a ton of replies and sometimes not even 1 like it is a hit and miss situation.

Yes, I've found the same. Like my old pal Art Linkletter used to say, "People are funny."


Say something stupid that should elicit a response. Better still, say something interesting and that will get you more 🙂

Why an imaginary friend, join in here and you may make some real ones 🙂


Indulge is earth-moving issues like "pineapple on pizza".


Act like a Republican?

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