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This guy is from up here. Just thought he was a regular garden variety asshole republican but I guess not.


It seems if there is a politician involved in a sex scandal 9 times out of 10 it is the so-called party of "family values" (republicans).


Sorry she waited so long he could be in jail.


Hope he goes to jail.


Blaming the daughter because she's "estranged from the family"? I wonder why THAT happened. Please......


Why am I not surprised. Misogynistic men do to women whatever they can get away with..and in those kinds of patriarchal homes, men rule, so they do as they wish and the women cover for them, as in his daughter's case.

The same thing happened to ME, and to my daughter..sexual assault by male family members, followed by cover up, by my mom.


More confirmation that Teathugliscums are Evil Incarnate.


i am in minnesota and had not heard this. i am glad he dropped out, at least. what the hell happened to the republicans? they used to be wrongheaded and less than honest. now they're disgusting.


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