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I have been using CBD before my workouts and i have lost around 10lb in just 14 days. Which is huge for me.


Hell, I wrote this several years ago. The ABC's Of Obesity In America []


Fat chance that I'll read an article so long! Sorry , I couldn't resist…?


Love the article.


I stopped eating sugar about 3 years ago. The first year I dropped nearly 50 pounds. Then I started a high stress job and mucho overtime. I put 10 pounds back on by stress eating (chocolate) and almost no exercise. I kicked the sugar again about 6 months ago, and now have left the high stress job. I am now exercising regularly, and have added intermittent fasting. We will see what happens. Even if I don't loose weight, I want to be stronger. I want to be able to hold the grand children without my back screaming. I want to be able to get up off the floor with some semblance of grace.

@Gooniesnvrdie I eat "less meat" and almost no dairy. Most of the time I'm vegetarian, though these past two weeks I have been eating out of my normal pattern. I just quit a job and regard myself as "retired" at least for a couple of months. Now that I"m not preparing breakfast and lunch ahead of time, and often eating out more, I don't always make the best choices. I need to find a new routine for quasi retirement. I am pretty sure I will figure it out a method sooner or later.

@Gooniesnvrdie Actually I started intermittent fasting. I was fasting today from dinner yesterday to dinner today. I have read that intermittent fasting helps your body burn fat stores and increased insulin sensitivity. While fasting today I walked 1.75 miles, and I've been active most of the day as well. My dinner had lots of veggies, and peanuts and flax seeds. And now I feel quite stuffed.

@Gooniesnvrdie That is part of why I'm doing it. The other larger part is grandchildren. I want to be able to enjoy them and keep up with them.


I look forward to reading this article. The best two books I've read so far are both by Gary Taubes: Why We Get Fat and What to Do about It and The Case Against Sugar.



People need to take responsibility for their own body condition. whatever you think of doctors, doctors are not there for every life decision a person makes. Doctors are just trained to treat disease and If I have one that is where I go . Wellness is a different area .


You have to have a diet and exercise combo and eat 4 to 5 small meals a day to speed up metabolism. Too bad I don't do that any longer. It kept the body furnace burning. Today I workout less and still eat the same or more. You must eat less as you get older. I think I just hit 260 so eating the same doesn't work. I was best around 200 lbs.

The foods you eat are important in this, but I know fat people who eat barely enough to keep a bird alive and they are still fat people.


Thank you for sharing this article. It says so much about how I've felt about my size. I felt for many years undeserving of love and respect because of this. Took me a long time to feel good about my body regardless of what it looked like. Ironically that's the ONLY way to actually start treating myself with care -- wanting to eat better and exercise, not to be skinny as much as being healthy. My weight went down only because of this -- even so, I know I'll always be curvy, and I'm very proud of the body I have. It put me through the ringer when I had Hodgkin's, with my weight going down and up like crazy, but it woke me up to the reality that that was one of the least of my problems... We need more articles like this. The shame aimed at fat people needs to stop.


Good article, A few observations:

-Thorough treatment of the discrimination, meanness and self-loathing that accompanies being fat. It is awful.

-How superficial and ignorant most approaches are. "Eat less and exercise more" doesn't work. Saying it does is like being a theist. It doesn't. Get over it.

-Far too little emphasis on the importance of which foods one eats. This is key, and it works.

In my experience recognizing I am an N of 1, weight loss is simple-deceptively so. It is also really, really hard. Once you internalize the habits and maintain some discipline, it can be done. I've kept my excess weight off for 20+ years and weigh what I did in high school. I am not superman, just a guy.


I am a medical provider and I am obese.
While I can relate to the article, I can also say with 200% confidence that obesity is one of the most dangerous conditions that exists for the human body. While some people do remain healthy they eventually sucome to numerous health issues. I don’t promote thinness over fatness to my patients but staying obese is not an option. It’s deadly.



A very fascinating article.


There is nothing new for me in this article. I usually run five years fat and then five years thin and there is a noticeable difference in how I am treat when I am thin to how I am treated as a fat person.


This article mostly just tells you what DOESN'T work, although it does mention changing to healthy, whole foods and exercising more..not helpful for many who continue to crave food.

But there's hope; CBD oil, found in most health food stores, has the opposite effect of THC in cannabis oil - it suppresses the appetite.
It also increases the level of mitochondria in the body, thus causing the body to burn more calories.
It stimulates genes and proteins that break down fat cells, reducing the amount of new fat cells that are generated.

CBD oil changes white fatty tissue into beige/brown fatty tissue, which burns energy. Fatty tissue turns from white to brown when it’s cleansed of toxins. Without toxins for white fatty tissue to shield the organs from, there’s no need for it.

People can try different CBD oil dose sizes to find the desired effect on suppressing appetite. For some, 5 mg is fine for them, while others may need as much as 50 mg or more.

Link: []

Thank you for the information. Here in Canada weed will be legalized on October 17th. I am going to try this for sure. How did you find out about CDB oil? It isn’t very well documented here about it suppressing ones appetite. Thank you for the info.

@Holiday You can type "CBD oil cure..followed by almost any incurable health problem, into google search, and there will be pages of articles of studies showing that CBD oil cures it.

One research doctor said that cannabis, and CBD normalizes the body, bringing it into harmony with itself, so can potentially cure almost even remineralizes teeth, causing them to regenerate.

No wonder the traditional toxic synthetic drug pusher Western doctors fight so hard to keep cannabis illegal..they'd be SO out of a job.

Wow, I did not know this! I look forward to researching this more--thanks for posting!

@birdingnut there are so few actual scientific studies conducted with the necessary rigor that making any HARD claims about the efficacy of CBD oil is much the same as lobbying for acupuncture, magnetic therapy, or (gulp) faith healing. There is little actual evidence to support the claims, but there sure are a lot of people eager to jump on the bandwagon and tout the benefits they feel or want to feel. Faith. Belief. Causes a lot of unintentional trouble and damage.

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