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How many atheists here are musicians/artists

Am curious how many people without a belief in god tend to lean to aspects of music/art and creativity in general

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drovertone 3 Sep 22

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Amateur musician and social dancer.


Professional sculptor. Artist of any medium.

Lots of good work on display in your profile pics.

@Sgt_Spanky Thank you!


Professional artist here


I own several guitars, and sometimes pretend to play

Tsk, tsk...bad stinklizard! Dust those bad boys off and . Best stress relief! (Just givin ya a hard time 🙂 )

@GrungeGirl90s I love using silk wound strings, and they just die so quickly. So little time, and I'm pretty sure I need to grow an additional finger to take the next evolutionary step in my playing.

@stinklizard No kidding. That's why I love open chords, Barr chords, and kapos! LOL!


I had a roommate back in my college days who played guitar. He taught me how to play, and I never stopped.


I worked my way through college by singing opera.


I play piano. Check you my YouTube


Guitar, banjo, dulcimer, piano, flute, sax. Ex folksinger from late 1950s through '60s. Songwriter/composer/arranger. Author and playwright/screenwriter. Advertising copywriter. Tech writer.

Tech illustrator. Graphic artist/advertising. Yacht designer/builder. Fine arts. Model maker. Set designer.


I think you are on the wrong track if you are trying to find out if atheists are more artistic than believers. I can’t see how there could ever be a correlation between artistic talent/ability and a belief/non belief in god.


Illustrator, graphic designer, novelist and good at all three. Sounds like I should be a millionaire, don't it?

I'm not. 😟


Aspiring musician?


I am creative but would not classify myself either of the two choices. I personally believe those who dabble in the arts do so out of fulfilment of a need to either create something or fill a void. Never thought about it having to do with or without a belief system, something to think about.


I play bass in a band and I sometimes write poetry.


What if I "just play guitar"? I would never consider myself a musician....not because I'm humble , but because it's true!

twill Level 7 Sep 22, 2018

God doesn’t really have anything to do with creativity I don’t think!

I disagree. I think that creative people nowadays tend to not have a belief system. It’s judt something I personally have observed. But I’m sure it’s different from other people’s perspectives.

@drovertone that’s what I mean. One doesn’t need god to be creative


Singer and poet.

UUNJ Level 8 Oct 4, 2018



I’m a artist of sorts. Also a artisan woodworker.

MarcT Level 7 Sep 27, 2018

I'm a singer too but not professional..I do write lyrics though..I put more art out there as well as writing...compared to music..


I have a first in Fine and Applied art and was 'artist in residence' in my borough in the' year of the artist' I don't do so much these days but I rather think that the training involved sticks to everything within you. Without realising it, it juts gets internalised as part of the self and you don't even notice the art process. as someoen said 'L'art c'est moi!'


Very musically and artistically inclined.


I play flute and piccolo in an orchestra and band. Used to play in a US Army band

Remi Level 7 Sep 24, 2018

My art is my therapy. I think it’s really what kept me together all this years..

I LOVE the Dark Art imagery. There's a major character of an ancient gypsy woman in my book -- To Wish Upon a Star -- that is very close to what I saw in my mind's eye to the old hag in your portfolio so I was immediately drawn to those pics.


I dabble in a good bit of artistic stuff. I'm predominantly a musician but I draw from time to time as well.


I dabble in both. I'm far from the best with either one, but I enjoy them.


Graphic artist
Video editor
I have a hundred ideas for movies in my head, need the time to get them out
Writing a book about my life so soon to be author?

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